Udaariyaan 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam finds Nehmat at the railway station

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Udaariyaan 19th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Nehmat thinking I have to break your heart once again. She goes. Ekam worries and thinks you are hiding something from me, please Nehmat, turn…. She stops. He says turn. She thinks if I turn today, then I can’t leave you and go. She leaves. Satti asks Rupy to have breakfast. Nehmat greets them. Rupy asks where are you going. She says for a job. He asks her to work well. Satti asks her to have breakfast. Nehmat says you feed me with your hands today. Satti feeds her. Nehmat cries. He asks is there any tension. She says no, I wanted to have feed from Nani’s hands. Satti says I will keep kheer for you, you can have it when you come back. Naaz thinks you don’t know I have dug a big pit for you. Nehmat says I will go now, I m getting late. She cries seeing them. She asks them to take medicines on time. Rupy asks her not to worry. She leaves and recalls them. Mere babula…plays…

She says forgive me for leaving you all and going, bless me, Ekam and Harleen should unite, I know I m hurting your heart, I have no other way than this. She prays. She takes her bag and leaves. Ekam is on call. The tea gets spilled. He gets back. Nehmat’s pic falls into the tea cup. He picks it and cleans the pic. It gets spoiled. He asks Nehmat are you fine. Nehmat says I should be fine that I had felt a beautiful feeling of love. She imagines Ekam. He thinks I feel she isn’t okay. FB shows Nehmat and Ekam meeting at the shade. He says your dupatta doesn’t want you to leave me, you run away from me always, why. She says be thankful that I don’t understand this, else I can’t keep myself away from you. He holds her close to kiss. She asks him to get away. He says you know I love you a lot. She smiles. FB ends. Ekam says maybe I m wrong, why do I feel I m losing something, I hope Nehmat is okay. Ekam hugs the pic. He goes. Nehmat cries.

Renuka stops Ekam and gives his things. Ekam says mom, I feel restless today, this never happened today. He leaves. She says you can’t forget Nehmat, I know. Nehmat reaches the train station. She sees Harman and thinks what’s Bade Nanu doing here, nobody should know that I m leaving Moga. She runs. Harleen comes home and greets everyone. She says kheer is my fav. Rupy feeds it to her. Harleen eats it and likes it. Swaroop says doctor asked her to eat light food. Satti says she is right. She gets almonds for her. She says we will go and distribute laddoos. Harleen says I will get Nehmat. Her dupatta gets torn. Swaroop asks her to go and get Nehmat’s dupatta. Harleen asks where is she. Rupy says she said she got a job, and she will be back by evening. Harleen says fine. She goes to Nehmat’s room. She opens the cupboard and doesn’t find any clothes. She says her parents’ pic was fixed here. She calls Nehmat. She asks why isn’t she answering. Nehmat thinks just 30mins then I will go away from here.

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Harleen recalls Nehmat’s words. She cries and says her clothes are missing, she isn’t answering, she went somewhere, I have to tell everyone, no, they are already in tension, I can’t tell them, Ekam… Ekam gets his senior’s call. DIG asks him to reach the railway station and stop the drug dealing. Ekam says okay Sir. He leaves.

Harleen runs outside. Satti asks her to change the dupatta. Harleen says I have urgent work, I will come later. Satti says Nehmat was in hurry and now she…. She prays. Ekam reaches the railway station. He asks the staff to keep an eye. Nehmat thinks to go somewhere and sit. Harleen goes to Renuka and asks where is Ekam. Renuka asks what happened. Harleen says Nehmat isn’t at home. Renuka asks what, Ekam isn’t at home. Harleen asks her to call Ekam. She cries. Nehmat thinks my train is still away. Ekam stops a man and asks him to show his bag. The man runs away. Ekam runs after him. The man catches Nehmat at knife point and says I will kill her. Ekam sees Nehmat.

Ekam asks Nehmat to go, but he has to go over his dead body. She asks him to come with her. She says promise, I won’t go. His foot gets stuck. She asks him to come soon. She shouts Ekam.