Udaariyaan 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat and Ekam refuse to marry


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The Episode starts with Rupy asking Nehmat to think about Alia. She asks what can I do. He says you have to do this for Alia. Ekam says Alia is my everything. Nehmat asks what shall I do. Renuka says you marry Nehmat for Alia’s sake. Rupy says marry Ekam for Alia’s sake. Nehmat says no. Ekam walks out. Rupy explains Nehmat. Ekam says Sartaj and Harleen will come back. Renuka says I also miss Harleen, I m asking you to do this for Alia. Nehmat says I m already Alia’s mum. Renuka explains Ekam. Nehmat says Ekam and I got separated, please don’t force me. Rupy says just do what I m telling you. Ekam says this can’t happen. Renuka says fine, answer me, will you do what Harleen wanted to do, will you keep Nehmat away from Alia. Rupy says Ekam won’t make Alia away from himself, he is his dad, its Alia’s fate that her parents unite. Nehmat cries. Renuka says Nehmat and I have a right on each other, you are no one to separate them. He asks doesn’t a dad have a right on his child, Nehmat has hidden Alia from me, Harleen got her here, else I would have not known about her, she is my daughter, I can’t explain what I feel, I will give her much love, she will understand. He goes. Rupy says Alia needs both her parents. Nehmat leaves.

She sees Ekam. Ekam asks are you fine, are Rupy and Satti okay. She asks did Alia wake up. They say I have to say something. He asks her to say. They both take Alia’s name. She says Alia needs a mother. He says she needs her dad, I can give her mum and dad’s love. She says I have given birth to her. He asks her to spend time with Alia. He says I didn’t know she is my daughter, she is my blood, why did you hide this from me, when I took Alia in my hands for the first time, I didn’t forget that feeling till now, I felt she is my heart, I got my child, you wanted to take her away. She says you also know why I have hidden this, you are blaming me. He says I m thinking as a dad, Alia will stay here. She says no, she will stay with me. He says she loves me and Harleen, she stays in this family. They argue. She says I can give her what you and Harleen can never give her. Ekam says Harleen loved her a lot, she cared a lot for her, don’t talk about her, doesn’t a dad do anything for a child, he spends his life fulfilling his child’s wish, he is a daughter’s support, you want to snatch that support from Alia. Alia comes and sees them arguing. She says I want my daughter, Alia is my daughter. Alia asks why are you fighting, why can’t I stay with you both.

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Alia cries in her room and says Nehmat will also leave me and go. Nehmat and Ekam come and ask her to open the door. Alia refuses. Nehmat says we won’t fight again, we promise. She gets an idea. Nehmat and Ekam become clowns and dance. Chak dhoom dhoom…plays… Alia comes out of the room and dances with them. Alia asks for chocolates. Nehmat gives chocolates to the kids. Alia sees Ekam and Nehmat. They hold ears and says we promise, we won’t fight again. Alia says you have to promise you won’t fight again. They say promise. She says promise me, you both will always stay with me.

The girl asks are they your mum and dad. Alia says yes. Nehmat looks at Ekam.