Udaariyaan 19th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan in trouble


Udaariyaan 19th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aasma asking Minty to tell her what happened years ago, why is everyone angry on dad. Preeto comes and says we have to stay here, I don’t want any trouble. Aasma says I m trying to make this situation normal. Preeto says nothing will get normal. Aasma says I won’t go without winning Biji and Taya ji’s heart. Armaan says we can’t go without winning our dads’ hearts. Alia says no, we can’t do this, your dad shot Nehmat, my dad won’t forgive him. He says they will think we have run away and hate each other more. Alia says yes, we will win their hearts. Aasma says love ends hatred and annoyance, its Biji’s birthday tomorrow. Preeto asks how do you know. Aasma says dad and I celebrate her birthday every year, I will celebrate it with Biji, I have a plan. Minty and Preeto join hands. Armaan says I don’t want our families to have hatred, when we come home from Canada, everyone should welcome us, our kids will play with their Nanu and Nani. Alia laughs and says you grow up first. He says help me in reaching your dad’s heart. She says yes, I will also try to win Sukhi’s family. Armaan hugs her.

Alia takes a disguise of Sadhvi and comes to Armaan’s house. The ladies welcome him. Alia says I feel there is something in this house. She fools them. Arjun says I have seen her somewhere. Armaan’s mum gets the Pinniyaan. Alia acts. Biji meets Baba ji. He says Minty’s alliance broke. Baba ji says it happened for the good, everything will be fine now. Sukhi comes and sees Alia. He asks what’s going on. Alia worries. She says good days will come, the fights will end now. Sukhi says how does she know I went to jail. Aasma comes downstairs. Baba ji says that girl has the responsibility, she is lucky for this house. He sees Aasma and stops her. Aasma says sorry, I was leaving. Baba ji says she is a lovely girl, all the problems will get fine. Aasma greets him. She says I didn’t think of marriage, I m studying. He says fate will make you meet that guy. Alia says a girl will come in your house and bring love, all the problems will end. Armaan’s mum asks who is that girl. Alia says everything will get fine when Armaan gets married. Armaan waits for Aasma.

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Sukhi asks who are you, what enemy are you talking about. Alia thinks he will flop my plan. She acts and asks him to calm down. She says anger is the enemy of mind. He asks who has sent you, Ekam or Deepak? Alia says he is insulting Mata, I will not stay here. She leaves. Sukhi’s mum says you made her leave. He says she was a fraud, Deepak has sent her, he thinks he will make everything fine. Alia is worried. Sukhi’s mum says Mata ji has come back on own, maybe some girl comes who ends all the problems. Aasma comes to the centre. She sees Armaan. The lady cries. Aasma asks what happened. The lady says my son wanted to go to Canada, he made fake passport. Alia says I m coming to Canada in 5 days. Harleen smiles. Aasma asks who made the fake passport. The lady says some guy named Bunty. Armaan thinks Timmy’s friend Bunty made our fake passports also. Alia says I have made my fake passport. She sends the pic to Harleen. Armaan worries.

Armaan says we have to take passport and leave. Alia says dad will know everything. Ekam comes. Armaan and Alia look for the passports. He asks her to leave.