Udaariyaan 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Baby plots against Aasma


Udaariyaan 18th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Alia seeing Armaan making Aasma wear the anklet. She gets angry and cries. Aasma hugs Biji. Deepak turns away and cries. Aasma goes to Deepak. He says I will miss you a lot, take care of your new family, I m going to Canada tomorrow, I will talk to Harleen, everything will get fine. He hugs her. He says Armaan, I liked you, you helped us and saved us from your dad, thank you. Aasma thinks he was helping us, I misunderstood him. Armaan says elders should bless the children. He takes Deepak’s blessings. Deepak hugs him. He gives Aasma’s hand to Armaan. He asks Armaan to take care of Aasma. Rano says we all will take care of her, she is our bahu now. Armaan sees Alia and gets back. Alia comes home and cries. She recalls Aasma and throws things. Armaan thanks Aasma for setting his bed. Aasma says no problem, do you want an extra pillow. He asks why, I sleep on this bed, where will I sleep. She shows the sofa. She says you said you want some time, so I have kept your bed there, I m comfortable here.

He gets angry and goes. She sits reading books. He murmurs and says she got a big bed, I will have a problem. He lies to sleep. He doesn’t get sleep. He gets up and unbuttons his shirt. She stops him and asks him to change clothes in bathroom. He asks can’t I change in my room. She says go to bathroom and change. He smiles and acts good. He goes.

She says I will sleep before he comes back. He wakes up and goes to sleep on the bed. He puts his hand over Aasma. Aasma wakes up. She sees him and smiles. She thinks is this a step from his side. She makes his hand aside. He pulls her close and hugs her in sleep. She thinks is he trying to come close. She tries to get away. He wakes up. They get up and argue.

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Rano knocks the door. Rano and Baby come in. Rano asks what happened, were you both fighting. Aasma says no. Armaan makes an excuse. Baby looks at the sofa. Rano asks her to come. Baby smiles. She says one slept on the bed and other on the sofa. Aasma helps Rano in kitchen. Rano says we have to do your first rasoi rasam, go to your room. Neetu says we have to pack tiffins. Aasma says I will pack Armaan’s tiffin. Neetu says he doesn’t go for work. Baby jokes. Rano asks Aasma to go to her room. Aasma goes. Armaan asks her not to disturb.

She goes out and says don’t know what he thinks of himself. Rano says don’t feel bad of Baby’s words. Aasma says I have worn the yellow dress. Rano says you go and check it on the terrace. Aasma says sure. Baby smiles. She puts some oil on the terrace. She says the clothes will fall in the grease, how will she wear the yellow dress. Armaan wakes up and says what does Aasma think of herself, I will see her. He goes out. Baby cuts the rope. Aasma goes to get the dress. Baby hides. Armaan comes there. He shouts Aasma. He slips and they both fall.

The episode ends