Udaariyaan 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam confronts Mallika

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The Episode starts with Nehmat recalling the family moments and crying. She goes and hugs Rupy. He asks her how is the sugar in lassi. Nehmat tastes it and says nice. Satti asks about the sweets. Nehmat says its good. He says you just had the lassi, eat something salty, why are you crying. Nehmat says I m happy that Harleen is coming home, I will welcome her. She thinks I have to get away from Ekam and Harleen’s lives. Ekam recalls Harleen’s words. He calls Nehmat. He says I don’t understand her mood, I will go home and talk to her, she might be with Harleen. Harleen comes to meet Renuka and Mallika. Renuka asks Mallika to get ready, Khannas have come to talk about alliance. Mallika asks did they come to see me or jewellery. Renuka says I will get it. Mallika stops her and says Mrs. Khanna is waiting, go, I will wear something and come. Renuka sees Harleen. She asks how did you come here. Harleen hugs her and says you know why I came to meet you. Renuka says you have lost the reason for coming here, sit in my bedroom, I will come and meet you. Harleen says I will help Mallika in getting ready.

Satti and Lovely say Harleen will be happy eating these snacks. Naaz says she can’t eat the sweet laddoos. Nehmat says its made without sugar, its perfect for her. Naaz thinks I will ruin Harleen’s happiness. Nehmat says I will get juice for Harleen. A guy comes and gives the courier to Naaz. Naaz thinks why did this come from travel agency, where is Nehmat going, I will keep this here so that her secret comes out. Mallika recalls Advait and says now its useless for me, I will throw this before anyone sees this and asks me about it. Harleen looks on. Mallika trashes it and goes to Renuka. Harleen checks the bracelet and says it’s a diamond bracelet, why do I feel I saw this somewhere. She recalls Nehmat. She says its Nehmat’s bracelet, when Ekam and I dropped her at farmhouse, she was wearing this, but Mallika has trashed this, she is behaving strangely, there is something, I need to figure it out, I will ask Nehmat. Rupy says I will go out. Rupy gets the envelope. Nehmat gets the juice. She sees the envelope in his hand. She calls him out and says go out, Harleen is going to come, there is much work, I will see all this. He smiles and goes. Ekam says you here, I m going to meet Nanu and Nani, come in. He sees the bracelet in her hand. He recalls Nehmat. He asks from where did you get it, its Nehmat’s bracelet, I got this at the farmhouse. She says yes, its Nehmat’s bracelet, I had seen Mallika throwing this in dustbin and I thought I will return this to Nehmat. Ekam calls Jasbir and asks about the bracelet. The man says Advait had bought two same bracelets from MK jewellers. Ekam asks what.

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Nehmat calls the travel agent and asks why did you courier the ticket. The man says first ticket is cancelled, so I had to send the second one. Ekam scolds Mallika. He asks what were you doing at the farmhouse, tell me, how did you get this bracelet. Renuka comes. Ekam says ask Mallika, what was she doing at the farmhouse with Advait, Nehmat was going to die that day, you had an affair with Advait, she didn’t take your name, she regards you her best friend. Renuka asks is this true. Mallika shouts yes, don’t blame me, I was going to marry Advait, we would have been together if Nehmat didn’t come in between. He says shut up, get out of here. Harleen stops Ekam. Mallika pushes her and goes. Ekam says Nehmat gets all the blame, you know Advait, Mallika did this to take revenge. Renuka sits in shock. Harleen asks her to have water. She says Nehmat isn’t wrong and bad, she didn’t bring Mallika’s name come out to save your respect, you think Nehmat ruined this house and Ekam, please trust me, Nehmat isn’t like you think about her.

Nehmat says I know Nanu and Nani will be hurt, but I have no option, Harleen has made many sacrifices for me, she made herself away from Ekam, I want to see them together, its not possible until I stay here, so I want to go away, please promise me, you won’t tell anyone. Naaz says I don’t care you stay here or go anywhere, you have to do my work if you want me to keep your secret, you won’t tell anyone about that Bewafa folder and you will never interfere in my life. Nehmat says fine, I promise. Naaz smiles and hugs her.

She thinks just Harleen’s chapter is left, I will remove her from Ekam’s life, then my mum will understand my pain. Ekam and Harleen come home. Satti does the aarti. Ekam looks for Nehmat. Nehmat comes and smiles seeing Harleen and Ekam dancing. Mehfil me teri…plays… Ekam thinks I want to give only happiness. Nehmat thinks Ekam should be with Harleen. He plays dhol. He calls her out. She goes and get a glass of juice for Harleen. Harleen pushes Nehmat towards Ekam. Channa mereya…plays.. Ekam holds Nehmat’s hand and takes her aside. He asks what’s the problem, why are you running away from me. Nehmat thinks did Naaz tell him about the ticket. She asks what are you doing, anyone can see. He thinks let them see. She thinks forgive me, I have to break your heart again, I will see you for the last time today.

Harleen says Nehmat’s clothes are missing, did she go somewhere. Nehmat leaves for the railway station. Ekam gets his senior’s call. The man asks him to reach the railway station.