Udaariyaan 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma worries for Armaan

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Udaariyaan 16th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aasma asking Raja to apply medicine to Armaan. Raja asks her to apply it. He goes. Aasma does the aid to Armaan. He smiles seeing her. She gives the haldi milk to him. He thanks her. He says I will never hurt your heart. She smiles and goes. Its morning, Aasma says I wanted to talk to you, I applied for a job at the NGO, if you give me permission, then I will work with them. Neetu asks will you do a job, our bahus and daughters don’t do a job. Armaan asks why can’t she work, what’s wrong, its good to help someone, I know mum and dad won’t have any problem, Aasma, you should join that NGO, I will drop you. Ekam comes and says sorry, but I didn’t like your idea, I heard what you said. Sukhi asks Ekam to have breakfast. Ekam says Aasma shouldn’t go out until the stalker gets caught. Armaan says she can’t sit at home in fear, you should encourage her, I know she is brave, I m with her. Sukhi says you have car remodelling work and also exam preparations due. Armaan says I will do it after Aasma returns home. Jaggi comes to take Armaan. Armaan says I will drop Aasma to the NGO. Ekam and Sukhi say okay. Armaan asks Aasma not to worry.

The goons throw the things at the garage. Armaan asks what are you doing, where is Sharma ji. Kabir bribes Sharma ji and leaves. Sharma ji comes to the garage. Armaan asks what’s this, we have got 4-5 orders. Sharma ji says I have sold the garage to someone, you arrange 15 lakhs if you want it. He scolds Armaan. Armaan says how will we get 15 lakhs.

At home, Sukhi says I have no money, I have a land, I can sell it. Armaan says no, its ancestral land. He says land can help. Armaan says no, I want the money urgently. Sukhi asks shall I take it from Kabir. Aasma comes and looks on. Armaan says no, he misbehaved that day. Sukhi says he is Aasma’s friend, he was worried for her, he apologized to me. Armaan says I will arrange money, you won’t take money from him. Aasma says take money from me. Armaan says no. She asks why. He says I want our relation to complete, it will happen when you say you trust me, you have done a lot for this house, let me do something. She says all the best. Raja comes and asks Armaan to take him to Dangal. Armaan says I will take you. They go and watch Dangal. The man says the person who defeats Shamsher will get 15 lakhs. Armaan gets thinking. He says I will fight. Raja says no, he is like a bull. Armaan says trust me. Armaan goes to change. Raja calls Aasma and says Armaan is fighting with Shamsher, come fast to the Dangal. Aasma asks what. She gets shocked.

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Aasma comes there and stops Armaan. He asks her to take Raja home. She says you can’t fight. He asks her to understand and go home. She prays for him. Armaan thinks to save the garage. Tujhse preet lagai…plays… He thinks Aasma, you are my life, I have to fight and become suitable for you, I have to make myself a better person. Armaan fights with Shamsher. He gets beaten up. Aasma worries. Kabir looks on. Armaan falls. Aasma cries and says Armaan, stop the match. Raja also cries and calls Rano. He asks her to come soon, Armaan is getting beaten up in dangal. Rano is shocked. She asks Sukhi to listen to her. He asks what happened. She asks him to come. Aasma asks Armaan to get up.

The episode ends