Udaariyaan 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma falls in a swamp


Udaariyaan 15th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aasma coming to Armaan and asking can we talk. They go home. She says I know we had a wrong start, but I tried to talk to you. She tells everything. He thinks I didn’t send any flowers. She says I can’t think what happened yesterday, its not acceptable, what’s the matter, you didn’t want to marry, answer me, what is going on in your heart. He thinks to tell the truth to her. He says sorry, I know, things happened in haste. She says yes, but we can’t misbehave. He gets Alia’s calls. He disconnects. Aasma says tell me if there is anything you want to tell me. He says I m not ready for this relation, I need some time. She says I can understand. He takes the call. He says yes, I m coming. He lies to Aasma. She asks what’s your blood group. He says O+. She says I m O-, I will also come. He says no need, stay at home, else everyone will make news. She says I will press the shirt and come. He thinks am I doing bad with Aasma.

Aasma says Armaan had to go out, I thought to press his shirt. Rano says its okay. Aasma says I will do. Rano goes to Armaan and says I got a nice girl for you, did you give her any gift or not, give her these ancestral bangles, Bebe gave it to me on my mu dikhai, I will go and prepare for Mu dikhai rasam. She goes. Aasma gets the shirt and gives it to him. She sees the bangle and says Armaan would have got this for me, I m glad. Sukhi and Bobby see the lawyer. Sukhi asks who called him here. Armaan says I called him. He thanks the lawyer. Sukhi asks why do you need a lawyer. Armaan says sorry, I realized my mistake, I can’t run away from this relation, I want to keep this marriage, Aasma is Canadian citizen, I have to register this marriage. Sukhi says nonsense, you are lying. Armaan asks him to check. He says I have to go and give blood to my friend’s mum. Sukhi says come on time to pick Aasma, she is going on pagphere, else I will come to pick you. Aasma sees the bangles gone and thinks maybe Armaan will gift it on pagphere. Baby comes to argue. Aasma says I m happy with this marriage, you tell me about the rasams, I will do. Neetu and Baby take Aasma to the temple. Baby sends Neetu. She asks Aasma to get the flowers. Aasma smiles.

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Baby pushes Aasma in the dirty mud. She asks Aasma to wait, she will call someone, it’s a quicksand. Aasma shouts for help. Armaan comes to the hospital. He meets Timmu. Sukhi looks on and leaves. Alia comes there in a doctor’s getup. She hugs Armaan. She says you didn’t take my call. Armaan says I can’t put your life in risk. She says I don’t care. He says listen to me. Aasma sees some pole. She tries to throw her dupatta and tuck around the pole. She tries to come out of the marsh. Alia gets the bangles and asks are these for me. She wears it. He says mum gave it for Aasma. She scolds him. She says tell me the truth, did you do anything with her. He says no, I have to go to Canada with her. She says I m your love, your wife, I have a right on these bangles. He says return it, I have to give it to her, she is sharp, if she sees us, then it will be a problem, I fooled her. She taunts him. Rano says Aasma will come from the temple. Aasma comes home with mud stained clothes. Rano asks did you fall somewhere. The ladies taunt Aasma. Aasma gets the flowers and does the puja. Alia says you just stay scared of Sukhi and Aasma. Armaan says I m worried for you. She blindfolds him. Neetu asks Aasma what happened to her. Baby comes. Aasma says I went to get flower for the puja, I fell in the marsh, I didn’t feel bad, I love my land, we are made up of soil. Alia takes Armaan to her home. He worries.

The episode ends