Udaariyaan 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Aasma slapping and scolding Alia. She says love means worship, you are stooping low. Alia says look Aasma. Aasma slaps her again and says you lost the right to say anything, we have the same blood, how did you become such, I can give my life for others, you came to kill my child, fortunately I wasn’t pregnant, your childhood wasn’t normal, mum did wrong with you, how did you get away from Ekam and Nehmat, you are the reason for all this, you have chosen this, person learns from own mistakes, you were ready to lose your self-respect, what will you do, do you know what your parents are going through, I have taught you a lot, but remember it, if you do anything to my family, then you have to face me first, you can’t win over me easily. She leaves. Alia calls Kabir and says congrats, our plan worked, they can’t guess my plan. She ends call and says I will win when I make Armaan away from Aasma, if he isn’t mine, then he won’t be of Aasma.

Armaan calls out Aasma. He enters the room and looks for her. He sees the broken window glass. He says Aasma isn’t in her room, did anyone see her. Rano says no. Armaan asks Alia where is Aasma. Alia asks what are you saying, I don’t know. She worries. He says you got her kidnapped before, tell me, where is Aasma. She says I don’t know. He says I know what you can do.

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