Udaariyaan 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Aasma’s first night


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The Episode starts with Armaan throwing things. Aasma asks why is he so weird, he behaves good sometimes and then such angry. Alia is sitting somewhere and crying. She hears the girls talking. She says its Armaan and Aasma’s first night, he didn’t call me. She calls him. Armaan sees Aasma sleeping. He answers the call and asks where are you. She asks where are you, are you with Aasma. He says yes, she is sleeping. She says show me, where is she. He asks did dad hurt you. She says no, show me Aasma. He puts his hand on the candle stand. It falls down. Aasma wakes up and goes to him.

Armaan disconnects. Minty calls Aasma and says your suitcase is here, what will you wear now. Preeto says don’t call her at this time, she would be with Armaan. Silky asks what about the nightie, its here. Alia calls Armaan again. Aasma asks are you fine, I mean, you look worried. He disconnects the call. Alia calls again.

Aasma says keep the phone down, we can talk. He asks what will you talk, leave me alone. He throws the phone. Alia gets number switched off. Aasma thinks why is he behaving like this. Sukhi asks where are you going now. Armaan asks why do you ask, I will go anywhere, I did what you wanted. Sukhi scolds him.

Aasma looks out of the window. Armaan argues with Sukhi. Sukhi throws a glass. Aasma thinks what’s the sound. Sukhi says you are arguing with me because of that girl. They argue. Sukhi warns him and goes. Aasma asks what’s happening. Armaan cries and drinks alcohol. Alia thinks what are they doing, why is Armaan’s phone off. She shouts no.

Aasma says what will anyone think seeing Armaan like this. She takes him to the room and makes him sleep well. She removes his shoes. Its morning, Aasma gets ready. Armaan is still sleeping. Aasma takes her bag and leaves. Alia sees her and follows. Baby sees Armaan sleeping. She thinks wow, bride is missing. Aasma comes to the Gurudwara. Alia asks is everything fine, you got married yesterday, where are you going. Aasma says I got these things to donate, Dadi kept it ready. Alia says oh, okay, but early morning, you came alone, share the problem if you want. Aasma says I m happy, I got a good family. Alia asks Armaan? Aasma says yes, he is very nice, he takes care of me, I will meet you later. She goes. Alia worries. Aasma prays and thinks of Armaan. The kinners come home and dance. Alia comes there and dances. She thinks to find out what happened between Armaan and Aasma. Baby says I will go and get Aasma. Aasma comes home. The kinner asks did you fight your husband on the first night. Baby taunts Aasma. Rano asks where did you go, Aasma. The kinner taunts Aasma. Aasma says let me talk, I had gone to Gurudwara. Baby scolds her for not informing anyone.

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Aasma defends herself. The kinners argue. Armaan says enough, she went to Gurudwara in the morning, she was with me at night, she informed me, its her life, she will do whatever she wants, she doesn’t want anyone’s permission. Baby says she could have told us. He says we can sit inside and talk, no need to create a drama. The kinner asks for shagun. Dadi scolds them. The kinners dance. Aasma and Armaan also dance a bit. Neetu says amazing, come inside, take the shagun.

They all go. Alia takes Armaan aside. Sukhi comes. The kinner asks for 1 lakh. Sukhi asks Bobby to give the money. Armaan says dad can see us. Alia asks what shall I do, shall I let you have a wedding night with Aasma, answer me, why was your phone off. He says I broke it in anger. She asks what after that, you were with Aasma all night. Aasma looks for him. He says she means nothing to me. Alia says you felt bad for her, I have seen you. He asks don’t you trust me, I wasn’t taking her side but supporting my family, go now, I broke the phone and got drunk yesterday, I will make everything fine, I will marry you, once I go to Canada, I will divorce her, stay away from me, I can’t put your life in risk. Aasma sees him talking to someone.

The episode ends