Udaariyaan 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan marries Aasma


Udaariyaan 13th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan making Aasma wear the mangalsutra. Everyone claps. Alia pushes the goon and runs inside. She sees Armaan filling Aasma’s maang. She gets shocked. Everyone claps. Alia cries. Pandit says marriage got completed, you are husband and wife now. Biji and Dadi hug. Ashok hugs Ekam. Armaan and Aasma take the elder’s blessings. Aasma’s bidaai is done. Armaan sits in the car. Biji says you kept your promise, you are ours now, forgive me, I m very happy, Deepak gave you good values. She hugs Aasma and says stay happy.

Aasma hugs everyone. She hugs Ekam. Sukhi says you kept your promise, I left Alia free, you have to keep this marriage all your life. Armaan sees Alia there. She leaves. Armaan and Aasma come home. Rano does their grahpravesh. Baby thinks I m your enemy, Aasma. Armaan thinks of Sukhi’s words. He leaves. Rano asks Aasma to come in. Baby throws the lamps down. She says she made this bad omen, what will happen now. Rano asks Aasma not to worry, she will get it cleaned. Aasma walks on the broken glass pieces. Everyone worries. Aasma cries. She prays for the family.

Sukhi and Bobby come. They look on. Rano and Neetu go to Aasma. Rano asks are you fine, you are hurt, right. Aasma says no, I m fine. Neetu says I will get first aid. Baby says she is saying she is fine, do the rituals, don’t know Armaan will come in rasam or not. Sukhi says I have to see Armaan. Armaan calls Alia and asks are you fine. Alia says don’t forget your promise, you married Aasma but you are just mine, you won’t do any rasam with her. Sukhi comes and snatches the phone. He disconnects the call. He says you have to keep this relation, come and complete the rasams. Alia says I have to see, how much you care for me, I won’t call you, I will wait for your call.

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Armaan and Aasma sit to do the ring finding ritual. Neetu explains the rituals. Armaan pushes the ring towards Aasma’s hand. Aasma gets the ring. Everyone claps. They tease Armaan. Sukhi says send them to the room, they would be tired. Dadi says yes. Aasma stumbles. Armaan holds her. Tannu says Aasma is hurt, she may not be able to walk. Armaan lifts Aasma and takes her. Rano prays that their hearts also unite. Aasma and Armaan come to their room. He says sorry. He sees her bleeding feet. He gets the first aid box. She says its okay, thanks. He gives the box to her. She asks are you fine. He says I have some headache. She asks can I do something. He thinks just go away from my life, everything will get fine. He says nothing, I will take a pill. She gives it to him. He says I will freshen up and come. She asks why is he in stress. Sukhi asks where are you going.

He says you should be with your wife right now, what are you doing here. Aasma ties the bandage. She says who shall I ask, when will my suitcase come. Sukhi says I kept my promise, go inside, else you know what I can do. Armaan goes inside the room and ruins things. Aasma looks on shocked.

The episode ends