Udaariyaan 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia reaches Armaan’s wedding


Udaariyaan 12th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan and Aasma sitting in the mandap. Aasma’s blouse gets torn. She worries. Baby thinks fun started. She recalls cutting the blouse. Armaan looks at Aasma. Pandit says call the girl’s dad for the promise. Deepak sees Ekam. Ekam asks Deepa to come, pandit is calling. Deepak acts to faint. Ekam takes him. Ekam and Deepak do the ritual. Deepak thinks Aasma’s both the fathers are with her. Ekam thinks I will do this for my Alia one day. Alia thinks no, I can’t let the marriage happen. She crawls to pick the glass piece. Neeti ties the gathbandhan. Armaan thinks of Alia. Alia gets freed. She tries to escape. Sukhi comes. Armaan sees him and recalls his words. Sukhi says I told you, Aasma will become our bahu. Biji says you got late. He says I had some imp work. Baby thinks why didn’t the fashion show start. Sukhi thinks my revenge got fulfilled, Ekam’s daughter wanted to marry my son, I showed her right place. Pandit asks Armaan and Aasma to stand up. Aasma thinks no, I can’t stand up. She worries. Armaan sees the torn blouse and covers her up with the gathbandhan cloth. Udaariyaan…plays… Pandit asks them to come ahead for the rounds. Armaan says no, I want to talk to Aasma in private. Sukhi asks what do you want to talk now. Rano says let them talk.

Elders allow them. Baby thinks why is Armaan helping Aasma. Armaan says fix your clothes, I will wait outside. Aasma tries to fix. She thinks there is no safety pin. She gets a stapler. Armaan thinks what did this happen with us, Alia, no one can take your place. Alia throws the dupatta to the pole and climbs up. She runs. Armaan says I will go it. He helps Aasma.

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Alia thinks Armaan, I won’t let you become of anyone else. Aasma thanks Armaan. She says you wanted to talk. Biji says its late. Baby says Armaan doesn’t want to marry Aasma, he left the mandap, he won’t come. Dadi scolds her. Sukhi thinks to shoot Armaan. Armaan says yes, I have to say. Armaan and Aasma come to the mandap. Tannu and Mannu ask Armaan to give shagun. Sukhi gets a call. The man says Alia has run away. Sukhi says it means she will come here. Alia gets knocked down by a car. She falls down. The guy helps her. She runs. Bobby gives the shagun. Armaan and Aasma take the vows and rounds. Alia is still running. She gets hurt by the thorn. Aasma thinks I will keep this marriage with a true heart. Pandit asks Armaan to make Aasma wear the mangalsutra. Sukhi stops Alia and asks the man to take her away. Dadi asks Biji not to worry. Armaan makes Aasma wear the mangalsutra. Alia pushes the man and runs inside. She runs to stop Armaan.

The episode ends