Udaariyaan 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Alia turns the family against Aasma

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The Episode starts with Zaid going out to see Aasma. Aasma makes the cake. She says poor Zaid, he is suffering on his birthday, will he like this cake. Armaan says he will like it, come. Aasma looks for Zaid. She says did he go inside the house. Zaid sees some laddoos kept on the table. He goes to have it. Alia comes to him. Aasma sees Alia sitting on the rocking chair in darkness. Alia smiles. Zaid says Ammi… He eats the cake. Aasma is shocked seeing him. Alia says don’t worry, its his birthday today, I have made him cut the cake. She plays music. Everyone wakes up and comes there. Rano asks what are you doing. Alia says its Zaid’s birthday. Zaid asks Aasma to have the cake.

Rano asks who is this boy. Alia says he is Zaid from Hyderkot. Zaid asks who are they, did they come in my birthday. Aasma says sit here, I will just come. Alia says Aasma is Zaid’s Ammi. Armaan says I will tell you the matter. Alia says shut up, you would have told us before, Zaid calls Aasma as Ammi. She taunts Aasma. Armaan shouts Alia. Alia says enough. Murtazan wakes up. He sees Zaid missing. He calls him out. Alia asks is this your bahu, who can never hear bad about the family, she is making a new husband everywhere she goes. Armaan warns her. Alia says I can’t tolerate her snatching you from me, the truth is, she has another husband, maybe he is hidden here, ask her to give a test of her purity. Murtazan comes and says enough. Sukhi catches him and asks what are you doing here. Armaan stops him. Murtazan says I m Murtazan, Armaan knows me, you are staining Aasma’s character, she is very pure. Aasma says you should have not come here. Alia says your sin has come here. Armaan says shut up. Murtazan says you should be ashamed, Aasma lost her memory, she knew nothing, not even her name, she just remembered Armaan, she used to just think of him, she never thought of cheating him, her love, family and character was everything for her, you are treating her like this, she didn’t do a sin by giving me a shelter here, she is paying back the favor. Alia says she cares for humanity, but family, she has hidden him here.

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She says when police and army know he is here, they will put us in jail, what will we do then. Aasma says Murtazan has come here the same way I had reached there, I can tell them in details if you want. Armaan asks everyone to go inside. He says I have made arrangements, Murtazan and Zaid will go. Sukhi scolds him.

He says Aasma, your goodness will ruin this house. Rano says you got a problem home. Sukhi says take them away, I can’t tolerate them here. Aasma says look at them, they need a doctor, they will go tomorrow. Sukhi says take them anywhere you want. Armaan interrupts. Sukhi asks him to shut up. Baby asks Aasma to take her bag and leave, else she will call the police. Aasma says enough, we both are here because of Murtazan, else we would have died, he didn’t think of his child for our sake, he got shot, he fell in this cliff, his family doesn’t know he is alive or dead, he left his palatial house and he is wandering here just because he saved our lives, I m sorry, I can’t leave Murtazan in this situation, I will take him and go, your safety also matters to me. Baby asks her to go and do her duty. Alia says no need to call the police, I have already called them. Armaan asks what, you called the police.

Alia says yes, I can’t cheat my country. Armaan says you aren’t loyal to the family, how dare you call the police. Baby says decide today, Alia or Aasma. Armaan shouts Aasma. He asks Murtazan and Aasma to take Zaid and run. They leave. Ekam calls Sukhi and asks is Aasma fine, what am I hearing about the raid. Sukhi scolds Alia. Baby says Alia saved our lives. Armaan calls someone. Alia asks Aasma to run. She jokes on Zaid. Aasma says I m not going forever, I will come back. Ekam comes. Armaan says Aasma, come fast, sorry. Aasma says we have to stay ahead of Alia.

Alia says I will send you to jail, then I will see how you come back. She calls police and says catch them fast, they are fleeing.
The episode ends