Udaariyaan 12th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia attacks Rano


Udaariyaan 12th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aasma crying and seeing Rano. She says you are so hurt, Sukhi has hit you, I will call Armaan. Rano says don’t dare to call him. Aasma says no, sorry. Rano says he has raised hand on me for the first time because of you. She lies to Aasma. Aasma says its not your fault, I can’t hide this from Armaan. Rano says swear on me, you won’t tell anyone about it. Armaan comes and asks what swear are you giving to Aasma. Rano says nothing, just go. He asks her to say. She says I said nothing. Dadi comes and asks him to go and have food. He leaves. Dadi asks Aasma not to interfere in Sukhi and Rano’s matter.

She scolds Aasma and sends her. Aasma stays worried. Armaan asks what happened. She says nothing, I m tense about Alia. Alia looks on. She acts and cries in front of Raja. She lies to him. She asks him to do her work. He asks what. She says tell me what they are talking. He says okay, its easy. She says all the best. He goes smiling. Armaan says you look worried, tell me if there is anything, you say that we shouldn’t have any secrets. Aasma thinks I can’t lie to Armaan. she says Armaan… Raja comes and hugs Armaan. He says I have to help, I won’t disturb, you guys talk. Aasma says yes, I will wash the utensils, Raja will keep it on the stand. Raja says sorry for that day. Aasma says I know, I have forgiven you. Alia looks on.

She gets angry. She sees Sukhi and says he will help me. Sukhi asks where is Armaan. Alia says he is washing utensils with Aasma in the kitchen. He angrily goes to see. Aasma says its my work, let me do. Armaan says no, its our work, I will do. Sukhi comes and scolds him.

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He takes Armaan with him. Aasma worries. Sukhi shouts on Armaan. Armaan argues. Rano stops Armaan. She asks Sukhi to end the matter. Sukhi shouts on her. He says Armaan has become wife’s puppet. Aasma interrupts to defend Armaan. Alia says don’t argue with Sukhi, he is elder, he knows what he is saying. Aasma says I m not arguing, I m talking to my dad. She says I know its our duty to do the work, but why aren’t we regarded equal to you, why did you set these boundaries, we can live a simple and beautiful life. Alia says this is the problem with you, we don’t have this thing, family will break if you raise feminism flag, Sukhi isn’t wrong, can’t we live as they want when they give us everything. Aasma says we can manage our lives ourselves, a man and a woman make a home, women can go ahead of men. Alia says society runs because of men. Sukhi scolds Aasma.

Alia smiles. Sukhi asks Rano to see her bahus and explain them the house rules. He goes. Alia gets happy. Its night, Alia sees Sukhi sitting in the lawn and drinking. She says perfect, my plan will work now. Armaan says I got the food for you. Aasma says I m not hungry. He insists her to have food. He says there is some matter. Sukhi enters the room holding a stick and sees Rano sleeping. Alia looks on. He falls down. Alia picks the stick and beats Rano. She runs. Rano screams. Armaan and Aasma hear her scream.

The episode ends