Udaariyaan 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Alia get caught


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The Episode starts with Armaan fainting down. Alia says Armaan…. Inspector says nothing found in the tanker. The tanker goes ahead. Aasma gets the makeup done. Baby looks on and thinks Aasma will die unmarried. Minty says we will reach on time, baraat still has time. She shows the jewellery sets. Aasma says the marriage will happen, Armaan will come. Armaan and Alia and other people come out of the tanker. Armaan asks are you fine. Alia says yes, we have reached close to our aim. He kisses her hand. She sees his wound on the shoulder. She ties a dupatta to his hand. He smiles.

Aasma says I m feeling irritation on my face. The lady says maybe your skin is sensitive, I will get ice. She goes to Baby and says she will get many rashes, she will have to hide her face. Baby says she should hide her face forever. She asks Armaan to enjoy his life. Armaan says I can die to save your life. Alia says promise me, we will die together. The lady says Aasma has to change, there is no blouse in this. Minty asks what, we got the blouse. Aasma asks her to call Silky. The lady asks her to just go home and get the blouse. Armaan and Alia go to the bus. Some men come there. The man says police has come. The bus leaves. Armaan and Alia get caught at gun point. Armaan hugs Alia and says don’t worry. Sukhi comes there and points the gun at them. He says sit in the car, we are going back. Armaan says shoot us, but we won’t go back, I won’t marry Aasma.

Aasma gets rashes. The lady says we didn’t get any such complaint before. She signs Baby and smiles. Rano asks did you get Armaan. Sukhi says don’t ask me anything, this marriage should happen, do anything, make Raja the groom and make him sit in the mandap. She gets shocked. Dadi says rituals should happen on time. Neetu says we have to take the baraat, what’s happening. Aasma says my face got spoiled, how will I go to the mandap. Minty scolds the lady. Aasma says give me the blouse, I will go and change. Minty says I didn’t get it, I swear, I got the blouse here. Aasma thinks is this someone’s conspiracy. She makes a video and exposes the beauty parlour’s fraud. She asks why did you do this with me, tell me, I will upload the video online.

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Rano says there is a little problem, Sukhi told the pandit’s words, just the bride can see the groom’s face after marriage, Armaan is in his room, I will tie the sehra. Bobby asks what’s this. Rano says we can’t go against Sukhi. Dadi asks her to go. She asks where is Sukhi. Rano says he is with the pandit. Baby says something is wrong. The lady gets the blouse and says you didn’t take care of your things. Minty gets Preeto’s call. Aasma says tell her, we are coming. She asks how will these rashes go.

Sukhi says Armaan, you have to marry, you have no choice. Armaan argues with Sukhi. He asks Alia to run. Sukhi shoots. Raja says I won’t sit in the mandap. Rano says listen to me, calm down. She cries. She says Sukhi will beat Armaan a lot, you have to become the groom, you love Armaan, right. Aasma gets ready in bridal dress. She applies the ice. Minty asks how will you go to the mandap now. Biji asks when will the girls come. Preeto says don’t know. She asks Silky to call Minty. Silky says they aren’t answering. Biji asks Ashok to find out if baraat left.

Rano gets Raja as the groom. She asks him to hide his hand. He says yes, Armaan has mehendi on his hand. Armaan points the gun at his head and threatens Sukhi.

The episode ends