TV show Maitree reaches 200 episodes, Celebrations galore

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TV show Maitree reaches 200 episodes, Celebrations galore

In a remarkable feat that marks a journey of trials and triumphs, the television series “Maitree” has reached a significant milestone of 200 episodes. The show, centered around the lives of Maitree (Shrenu Parikh) and Nandini (Bhaweeka Chaudhary), chronicles their enduring bond amidst life’s myriad challenges. In recent episodes, viewers witnessed Maitree and Nandini’s efforts to safeguard their family from the clutches of Icchadhari Naagin Jhumki (Ishita Ganguly).

As the plot unfolds with riveting drama and anticipation, the “Maitree” team celebrated its remarkable journey by achieving the 200-episode mark. A celebratory atmosphere filled the set as the entire team came together for a cake-cutting ceremony. The joyous occasion was shared by every member of the team, from the cast to the diligent crew members, as they commemorated this milestone.

Expressing her sentiments on this accomplishment in a recent interview, lead actress Shrenu Parikh shared, “The journey has been both fulfilling and challenging. With the unwavering dedication of our team, we have reached the milestone of 200 episodes. Our collective effort and dedication have been poured into every episode, and this achievement is indeed cause for celebration. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our fans who have accompanied us on this extraordinary journey; their support has been invaluable.”

Samarth Jurel, a key part of the cast, exclaimed, “Today, we mark a remarkable milestone of completing 200 episodes. This is an occasion worth rejoicing. We came together to commemorate this milestone through a simple cake-cutting ceremony. The continuous love and support from our viewers and fans have been heartening. We hope this bond of affection remains unbroken.”

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Bhaweeka Chaudhary, reflecting on the accomplishment, conveyed, “Crossing the 200-episode mark is a truly humbling experience. Our cohesive cast and crew have shared a profound camaraderie throughout this journey. We consistently strive to earn the love of our fans, and this achievement is a testament to their unwavering support. To all our well-wishers, thank you for showering us with your affection.”

New addition Ishita Ganguly expressed her delight, stating, “Joining the show has been a thrilling experience for me, and celebrating this milestone is doubly exciting. The journey to 200 episodes has been possible due to the diligent work and love we have received from our audience. We shared this achievement with a small gathering and cake-cutting. To our viewers, your blessings have been our driving force.”

As “Maitree” commemorates this milestone, viewers can anticipate the unfolding drama and how Maitree’s journey to save her loved one, Harsh (Samarth Jurel), from the grasp of Icchadhari Naagin Jhumki will continue to captivate their hearts.