Turbulent start to captaincy: Jiya Shankar sparks controversy in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house

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Turbulent start to captaincy: Jiya Shankar sparks controversy in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house

On the first day of her captaincy in the Bigg Boss OTT house, Jiya Shankar found herself embroiled in conflicts and creating enemies. Shortly after being announced as the new captain, Jiya clashed with Manisha over sleeping arrangements. She insisted that Manisha gather her belongings from the lounge and return to the room. However, Manisha politely explained that she couldn’t sleep in the room due to the intense air conditioning, which had already caused her health issues. Jiya dismissed Manisha’s concerns, instructing her to take the matter up with Bigg Boss.

The tension escalated as Jiya asserted, “Bigg Boss has never specified where anyone should sleep in the house. This is my rule, and I am telling you to comply. If your health worsens, then speak to Bigg Boss about it. I have no objection if Bigg Boss permits it.” Abhishek intervened, expressing his disapproval, “You cannot penalize someone due to their health issues, Jiya. This is unfair.” Bebika further fueled the argument, stating, “I have witnessed how the AC affects Manisha’s health. You are in the wrong here, Jiya.”

Manisha pleaded with Jiya, saying, “If you truly want to prove yourself as a good captain, you have the entire week to do so. Please spare me from this.” Jiya became agitated and brought up past incidents, saying, “Why did you sleep on Jad’s bed that day? You should have slept outside.” Abhishek clarified, “On that day, everyone wanted Jad outside, so Manisha adjusted for just one night.” Nevertheless, Jiya remained adamant about not allowing Manisha to sleep outside.

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Bebika joined the altercation, labeling Jiya as “self-centered,” which further provoked Jiya’s anger. She retaliated, “I don’t want you on kitchen duty anymore. I assigned you that duty, and I can change it. I am still talking to Manisha, so stop interfering.” Cyrus attempted to calm Jiya, but she refused to listen, leading Cyrus to confide in Avinash that Jiya was bullying Manisha.

Avinash and Falaq intervened, trying to make Jiya understand the severity of Manisha’s health issues. Eventually, Jiya reconsidered her decision. She allowed Manisha to retrieve her belongings and properly arrange her bed. Jiya approached Manisha again to discuss the matter, but a comment about “torture” triggered Manisha, reigniting their argument.

Later on, Bigg Boss assigned Jiya a ration task, instructing her to divide the food supplies into seven baskets and rank the contestants based on their rule-breaking records. Initially perplexed, Jiya began filling the baskets according to the contestants’ preferences, disregarding Bigg Boss’s instructions. In a surprising move, Jiya sent Manisha to jail instead of Cyrus. Bigg Boss repeatedly questioned Jiya if she wished to relinquish her captaincy, as she continuously altered the task to suit her own preferences.