Titli 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Garv slaps Titli


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The Episode starts with Garv and Titli dancing on the paper. Jhumka gira re…. plays… Garv says don’t worry, we will win. He loses balance and falls. Everyone laughs. Titli also laughs. She says you couldn’t hold me and made me fall. He angrily slaps her. Everyone is shocked. Titli cries. Garv asks is my respect a joke. He sees the red mark on her cheek. He feels bad. Kya hua tera vada….plays… She leaves from there and recalls the slap. Ankit talks to a man and says I know Garv didn’t let you come to the court on hearing day. The man says its an old matter. Ankit says I will give you police protection and get justice for you. Titli packs her clothes.

Garv comes and says we can talk. She leaves. The man refuses to talk and goes. Ankit says why doesn’t anyone want to testify against Garv. He gets angry. Ishani comes there. Garv and Titli leave in the car. She gets Dhara’s message. Ankit says I want to put Garv behind bars, I want a witness. Ishani says this can never happen, Bhaiya, you aren’t understanding, you promised me, you won’t go after Garv. He says you are my sister, I can’t forgive Garv, he ruined your life. She says yes, but I can’t get him punished. He says Garv might have raised hand on his wife. Titli switches off the phone. Ankit says his wife won’t file a complaint, but I will not leave Garv, it’s a promise.

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Garv stops the car. He says I got angry, I really love you, everyone was laughing, I felt insulted and slapped you, just say something, you know I love you, I m angry on myself, my hands have given you pain, now these hands will get pain and punishment. He hits the car. She stays silent. He says we need to talk and sort this out, talk to me please, I don’t like tears in your eyes. She says you are the reason of these tears.

Titli gets angry and fights a goon to protect the family.