Titli 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update


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Tiltie meets the family who came to meet Garv. Titlie texts Garv about being outside his house. Garv sees her text and immediately leaves from office and thinks why she cannot come to office instead. Titlie recalls Garv’s proposal. Koyal welcomes the girl’s family and asks Titlie what she is doing there. Titlie tells about getting payment and Koyal says her to come next day. But Titlie tells she is not free. Koyal argues with her and tells her to leave. Family who came to meet Garv check everything at home and thinks all are so expensive.

Koyal sees Titlie upset and calls her inside to final the payment. Garv hurriedly drives to home to meet Titlie. Koyal asks the girl her name and she says Saraswati. So Koyal complements her name and mocks Titlie’s name. Once Titlie leaves, Koyal goes to get snacks for the family. They start stealing everything from home. Titlie comes back inside to take her phone and sees no one there. She hears some noise and its shown thieves have kept Koyal captive. Garv sees traffic on the road and finds Titlie’s uncle as reason for it as his scooter is not moving. They get into argument and Paresh thinks to teach lesson to Garv for his rudeness.

Titlie sees the thieves and using her smartness makes all them fall by sliding on water. Koyal is still kept captive by one of the ladies. Titlie provokes Koyal to argue with her and cleverly saves her too from the lady. Titlie thanks Koyal for being part of her plan and apologizes for arguing with her. Police comes and says they were trying to get hold of the gang for a long time. Koyal tells police to take their leader along. Inspector says they have already caught all the members.

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Koyal falsely accuses Tiltie as the gang’s leader and says only Tiltie knew all the details about their house as she worked as decorator. Koyal tells Tiltie just pretended to save her from thieves but actually she is one behind the planning. Maina says that Koyal must be mistaken. But she asks police to arrest Titlie. Titlie keeps pleading that she did not do anything and had come to take her payment. Koyal still keeps blaming her. Titlie keeps staring at Garv. She says she has also messaged about coming. Koyal tells her not to bring Garv in between.

Koyal asks inspector to arrest Titlie and Garv comes in between. She thinks Garv is also taking Koyal’s side but gets shocked when he defends her infront of everyone. Garv says Titlie is very clear hearted and even if God comes he will not believe that she can do anything wrong. Garv tells police its wrong to arrest someone on basis of misunderstanding. The episode ends with Manikant blaming Maina for Koyal’s stupidity to keep creating unnecessary issues everytime.

Precap: Garv will ask Titlie to realize her feelings for one who wants to protect her and places her hair strand behind her ears. Koyal asks Garv to stop meeting Titlie and gives her oath.