Titli 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Garv and Paresh fight


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The Episode starts with Maina supporting Garv and asking him to go. Garv asks Koel to agree. Maina says she has agreed, I m saying it, you can go now. Garv thanks them and goes. She asks Alpa to see no one can take mum’s place in her son’s life. Monica says its good, both the rasams will happen at once. Manikant comes home. He asks where are you going. Garv says for pagphere rasam. Manikant says take the old car, the lanes are not good. Dhrishti says dad is right, my lehenga and heels got spoiled. Titli says everyone’s hearts are big there, I thought to go there and surprise them. Dhara doesn’t message Chintu. Garv and Titli leave. Hiral asks Jaishri to give food. Titli comes home. She hugs Chintu. Everyone blesses Titli. Jaishri says you said you aren’t coming. Garv says we postponed the rasam at home and came here. Titli says you didn’t go to office. Chintu says she took off when you said you aren’t coming. Titli says good, we can talk now. Paresh welcomes Garv.

Titli says Hiren liked the tea and it reminded him of someone. Jaishri thinks. She sends Hiral to get something. Titli goes to Hiral and stops her. She says you wanted to create problem in my life. Hiral argues. Titli scolds her. Paresh hears Titli. Hiral sees him behind and starts acting. She asks will you get me fired from job if you have become his wife. Garv gets Koel’s call. He says I m coming in some time. Paresh asks what revenge. He scolds Titli.

Hiral says Titli is blaming me. Everyone goes to see. Paresh shouts on Titli and raises hand. He raises hand. Garv comes and stops him. He holds Paresh’s collar. Everyone is shocked. He shouts how dare you. Titli says leave him, he is my Kaka. He scolds Paresh. Titli stops Garv. Jaishri asks Titli to take her husband and leave. Garv leaves with Titli. He says he did wrong, he raised a hand on my wife. He gets angry. Titli says he is like my dad, I m his daughter, he can get angry on me. Garv says no, don’t defend him, a dad can scold his daughter, but not do this, I won’t tolerate this, you are my wife now, I will break relation with such a person. They leave.

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Koel talks to Dada ji about Manikant. He says he scares me. She laughs. She says he scolds me a lot. He asks why does he scold you, your married life is going on well. Koel says I don’t know about the marriage, we will go to Manikant, explain him to be a part of the Mu dikhai rituals. Dada ji goes to Manikant. He says don’t get angry, come, be a part of Garv’s happiness. Manikant says you got me married to Koel, when she couldn’t give a child to our family, you got me married to Maina, thankfully Maina and I had a better life, you have snatched my happiness, I have become bad if I ask anything to Garv, I know times have changed and children don’t listen, I will not refuse to you, we will attend Garv’s function. Titli calls Jaishri. Hiral says Titli doesn’t respect you, so Garv got angry. Baa says yes. Jaishri says you didn’t understand Titli till now. Paresh takes the call and scolds Titli. Garv looks at her and asks her to keep his respect.

She says they are my family. He says I know, you don’t care for my family, Koel is working hard for your Mu dikhai, will you go there with a sad face. The girl comes for doing makeup to her. Garv says Titli is already much beautiful, she is perfect. Titli cries and gets ready. Dhara and Dhrishti come and take her pic. Garv says its our first rasam, she is fine. Titli says I m trying to be normal but… He says I know, try harder, I don’t like your sad face. He takes her.

Titli rushes to meet Paresh. Garv gets angry on Titli. He says stay here with my family, I will handle my family.