Titli 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Titli and Garv get romantic


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The Episode starts with Keol saying who would do this if I had come, I have much work, I do everything without any complains, you have to do it also. Titli nods. Koel does Titli and Garv’s grahpravesh. Maina comes to do the grahpravesh. She sees Koel with them. Titli stumbles. Koel holds her and asks her to be careful. She asks are you fine. Titli says I knew you will hold me. Koel says go and sleep now, you might be tired. The girls stop Garv and ask for nek. Garv says I got a moon home. Monica asks for 50000rs. He says my Titli is priceless. She says wow, romantic.

He gives the money to his sisters. He says its 1.5 lakhs for you three. Koel goes to Maina and asks when did you come, I thought to wake you up, I saw you sleeping. Maina says yes, my eyes opened after a while. Koel says I did everything well, I m tired, I m going to sleep. Alpa says Koel didn’t wait for you. Maina says she does everything with a true heart. Garv brings Titli to their room. He showers rose petals. He says I know you were expecting your fav flowers here. She smiles. He says we will decorate the room. He sneezes. She smiles. She asks him to change. He says I m your BF and husband. She says don’t trouble me, go and change. He holds her close. He goes. Paresh says I have to find work from tomorrow. Hiral gets angry and thinks Titli isn’t hurt, I m hurt, because Paresh is my dad.

Garv and Titli decorate the room with flowers and candles. She calls him the best. They smile. He holds her close. He sees Rahul on her bracelet. Hiral says its not fair, you wont begin a new life. She recalls receiving a bracelet and a sorry letter for Titli from Rahul. She checks the bracelet. She says sorry Rahul, your letter won’t reach Titli, but this bracelet will reach. She writes Rahul on the bracelet. Titli recalls Hiral. Garv gets angry and goes. Titli calls Hiral. Hiral thinks I m sure it happened what I wanted, its good, she will worry now. She lies to Jaishri. Titli asks Garv to listen. He asks who gave this to you. She says it came in gifts, I don’t know who sent it, I will remove it, don’t think wrong. Garv says I m not doubting you, think about me. He gets upset and lies to sleep. She sits crying. Maina comes to Manikant and gives the tea. She asks what about Titli now, she is our bahu, we have to do the rituals. He says don’t expect me to be a part of any rasam, this marriage doesn’t matter to me. Alpa says its not the first time that a son has gone against his dad and got married, Manikant didn’t drink the tea, I will have it. Maina angrily throws it on Alpa’s saree. Koel laughs. Alpa goes.

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Koel says you did good with her. Maina says you are saying right, we should do the rasams. Koel says we will do it together. Maina says Manikant will feel bad if I do, you do whatever you want. Koel says okay, I will go and see if Titli woke up. Titli sees Garv sleeping. She prays.

Paresh scolds Titli and raises hand on her. Garv warns him and scolds him. Jaishri asks Titli to take her husband and leave.