Titli 18th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Titli’s plan fails


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The Episode starts with Titli scolding Garv. She says I love you a lot, what shall I do that you trust my love, will you always doubt me. She feels cold. She stands crying. Garv gets a towel and cares for her. Koel goes to talk to Maina. She says you think I m coming between Manikant and you. Maina says yes, you did the same with me on the puja day, I respect you, I fought Manikant to defend you, he is right about you. They cry. Koel says say everything that is there in your heart, I gave you my husband and didn’t ask anything. Maina apologizes to her and goes. She says we have to do the puja before 4pm. Adi says mom is at her friend’s place. Alpa taunts Maina about Titli. Garv says she is resting. Koel says she broke the fast, what’s the use to call her. He says no, she didn’t break the fast, she didn’t take the medicines. Dhara says she isn’t in her room.

Inspector comes to arrest Hiral for theft. Hiral says I didn’t do anything, my sister is framing me, let me talk to Ankit once. Inspector says Ankit has complained about you. Hiral asks what. Titli calls Ankit and says I m Hiral, I m in a big problem, come and save me. Ankit says I m coming. Bhakti says Hiral is smart. Titli says our plan is good, I have to go home and break my fast. Chintu says don’t worry, everything will be on time. Everyone gets against Titli. Garv thinks why did you do this Titli. Chintu thinks did Ankit know our plan. Ankit comes there and sees Hiral. Titli says record it. Hiral says I got the proof against Garv on your saying, you have done this. Titli smiles. Hiral turns to Titli and says I had to say this, right, Titli. Ankit asks everyone to leave.

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Hiral lies to Titli. Titli asks why are you lying. Garv comes and says I should ask this to you. Ankit and Hiral smile. Hiral says this was Titli’s plan to blame me. Chintu says stop it Hiral. Ankit also lies and argues with Titli. He thinks sorry Titli, I m doing this to expose Garv’s true face, you will thank me later on. Titli says Garv, they both are lying. Garv punches the wall. He leaves. Titli says truth can hide for sometime, but it can’t be defeated, I will bring your truth out. She goes. Chintu scolds Hiral and goes. Dhrishti talks to her BF. He asks shall I come to meet you. She says no, don’t know where did Titli go, Garv loves her a lot, she is cunning. Sandy says party plan is on, we will tell everyone that we are dating. Garv and Titli come home. Everyone asks what happened. Koel says you should tell us before going.

Monica asks Titli where was she. Titli says I went to prove myself right. Koel asks her to show the proof. Garv gets angry. Koel asks what happened. Maina says we will break the fast first. Garv says no, I won’t break Titli’s fast.

Titli says your anger is coming between us. He asks what can I do for you. She says I want to go back on my job.