Titli 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Paresh gets arrested for theft


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The Episode starts with Titli missing Chintu and crying. She recalls their childhood moment. Chintu comes and surprises her. She asks how did you come here. He shows Garv. Garv smiles. He comes inside with his family. She asks did you get Chintu. He says yes, whatever is imp for you, its imp for me. She smiles. Everyone applies the haldi to Titli and Garv. Jaishri says Garv decided that in anger. Bhakti says he has no control on his anger. Monica says we shall have a dance. Everyone dances on Tere ghar aaya… Garv and Titli have a moment. Police comes in and tells about 15 lakhs stolen. The store manager says Paresh has stolen the money. Paresh worries. Titli says Paresh can’t do it. The man says he has done this, arrest him. Baa says stop them. Jaishri says he can never do this, he will never ruin his respect, don’t take him, its our daughter’s marriage today. Garv argues with the inspector. Inspector says you know about the legalities. He arrests Paresh. Everyone cries. Titli says Kaka needs me, I will go. Koel says you won’t go anywhere, bride can’t step out after having haldi applied. Garv says I will go with her. Koel says don’t say nonsense. Garv says please, would you say this if Manikant was in Paresh’s place, no, right. Titli and Garv leave. Manikant starts taunting them.

The man says this fraud man shouldn’t get saved. Paresh says I was helpless, I have applied a bank loan, I didn’t steal, I was going to return the money to you, I m not a thief. The man says you got caught and you are lying now. Paresh says I m not a thief, I was going to return the money. The man raises hand. Titli stops him. She defends Paresh. She says my Kaka is working at your store since 30 years, he regards you an elder brother, he worked during Corona times also, he went to give food at your house when your family got affected. Lawyer says you can’t change the truth by saying this. Garv comes and asks what about your truth. Lawyer asks what is he doing here, this lawyer beats inside and outside the court also, save yourself. Garv says let the court decision come, everyone is innocent, remember it, talk to him with manners, else I take separate class for manners also. He asks Titli to take Paresh and go. He says I will handle them. Manikant says the family will insult us also. Jaishri says no, Paresh is a sincere man, don’t say this. He scolds them.

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He says we should leave. Hiren says we should support them. Manikant says no, I won’t keep relations with them, you can stay here and show sympathy to them, I m leaving. Jaishri says this isn’t true, trust me. Paresh cries and says I have done as much as I could, I was proud of myself, I lived with respect, when I was taunted on my status, I couldn’t tolerate, I made a mistake but I m not a thief, I was helpless. Titli cries. Garv comes. He says you took the money without telling him, we have to return it and give guarantee also. She says I will give the guarantee. Garv says by law, family members can’t become guarantor, I will handle it. Paresh asks her to go home and get the bank loan papers. She says I will go and get it, everything will be fine.

Garv hugs her. He consoles her. She says Kaka has Hiral and Chintu’s responsibility, I ruined everything, his respect got at stake. He asks her not to worry. He says this is a difficult time, it will be fine, I will drop you home, go and get papers, we have to deal with this together. Manikant says you want me to become the guarantor. Garv says yes, matter will get solved easily. Manikant says fine, I also want to solve this, the marriage won’t happen now. Garv is shocked.

Paresh asks Manikant to listen to him. Manikant says this marriage won’t happen. Paresh is shocked.