Titli 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Garv helps a girl


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The Episode starts with Koel saying you don’t value Garv. Titli says I love Garv, and I value his love. Alpa says then you are making him away, you will lose him to someone else. Maina asks her to think and talk. Alpa says everyone knows your truth. Maina says shut up. Koel asks them to calm down. She says its Garv and Titli’s matter. Alpa asks Dhara to tell the truth. Titli worries. Koel asks Titli to say the truth. Garv comes and says I will say the truth, I did this, don’t blame Titli always, she isn’t wrong always, I can be wrong too. Koel says end this fight soon, else these little fights will ruin your relation. They all go. Garv thanks Titli for not telling them. She says its our matter, I don’t want anyone to judge you, I will put the beds together. He says you trust me, right, I can win over my anger. She says yes, you try, I m with you, no one can come between us, neither your anger nor anyone else. A girl is seen. Garv comes to the café. He collides with the girl. She falls in his arms. She smiles. A guy Rajat comes to meet her. They have a talk. Some guys stare at her and comment on her. Garv gets angry. The girl goes with Rajat. The guys say we will go where she is going. Titli says Dhara, I got much peace and a new hope, Garv controlled his anger, he wants to change himself. Garv beats those guys.

He scolds them. Titli says my love will defeat his anger. The girl thanks Garv. Garv asks Rajat are you her BF. Rajat says no, I want to marry her. Garv asks can’t you fight for her, shame on you. The girl smiles seeing Garv. She sees the time and says it’s a hint of Lord. Titli says I know Garv loves me a lot. Rajat says we shall leave. The girl scolds him. She goes and pays money to the men. Rajat says you called these goons. She says yes, I called them to test you. The guy says Garv has beaten us a lot. She says he was a real man. Rajat scolds her. She says sorry, I don’t deserve a guy like you. She praises herself. She says I found the right guy, destiny gave me the hint. Titli asks Koel to take rest. Koel doesn’t listen. She says this is my work, I will do it. Titli asks her to take rest after having medicines. Maina says she is right, she will handle everything. She scolds Manikant. Alpa comes to taunt Maina. Koel argues with Maina. Divya gets the tray. She picks the pics also. Garv comes and asks Koel to take rest. He asks Maina to take care of Koel. Alpa says your son is in Titli’s control, he will get against you. Dhrishti gets Sandy’s call. He asks how did you like my gift, you have to bear the punishment. She scolds him. Titli takes her phone. She asks about the pics.

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Koel says I m worried for you, Garv. She cries. He makes her rest. Alpa gets the pics. Titli stops her and picks the pics. Garv comes and steps on a pic. The pic sticks to his shoe. He asks Titli to come and help. Dhrishti says thank God, no one saw the pics. Titli says we have to handle Sandy. Garv gets angry and comes there. He asks Dhrishti about the pics.

Titli stops Garv. Garv says I will kill Sandy. Garv beats Sandy. He pushes Titli. She falls down the stairs and faints.