Titli 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Titli and Garv’s moment


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The Episode starts with Titli consoling Garv. She says I will never judge you, please share the matters with me. He says no, Titli, you won’t understand, I was responsible for my brother’s death, I could have saved him, I held his hand, it slipped. She asks him to cry and vent out. He says we can’t cry in front of others. She asks why, we can cry and show that we feel sorrow, it lightens the heart. He says it was my duty to save Chiku, I couldn’t do it, I can’t forget it, I m possessive about you and my family, you can’t blame me for this, I m scared of losing you, I know you are troubled by me, so you have separated our beds. She says no, we didn’t get separate, I m always with you, I will never do this, trust me, you have to promise, you will let me help you cope with this sorrow. He holds her hand. She asks him to have coffee. They smile.

She prays. Manikant calls someone and says I have sent the money, don’t send the receipt home, you know what to do. Maina looks on. She asks who were you talking to. He says client. She asks are you hiding something. He gets angry and goes. She picks the paper and sees Chiku’s death certificate. Titli comes to Garv and imitates him. He says its my workout time. She asks him to count till 10 when he gets angry. He says it doesn’t work, I have tried it before. She says I know, you get dangerous, we have to defeat this devil. He jokes. She says I love you a lot. Maina argues with Koel about Garv. Koel says Garv is my son also. Maina scolds her and goes. Manikant asks for juice. Titli gets the glass of juice. He throws it and scolds her.

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He asks her to call Koel. Maina and Koel come. He asks Koel to get the juice. Maina says I will get it. He says Koel knows it. He asks Koel to go and get it. Maina gets sad. Alpa looks on. Koel gets dizzy and drops the glass. Manikant scolds her. Maina says I will clean it. Titli says Koel isn’t well. Garv comes. Manikant says she is hiding her mistake, she will cry now. Garv says you make her cry. Manikant says I don’t cry like you. Garv gets angry. Titli stops him. Koel says I m fine. Garv and Titli take her for checkup. Alpa asks Maina to see Garv and Titli’s love. Sandy calls Dhrishti and says I hope your family likes the gift I sent.

She goes and takes the pics. She hides the pics. Titli brings Koel home. Maina asks Koel to take rest. Dhrishti worries. Alpa sees the separate beds in Garv’s room. She asks Dhara about Garv and Titli. Dhara says they had an argument, its their matter. She hears Maina praising Titli. She taunts Maina. She asks her to come and see the truth. She says their relation broke. Maina says maybe they separated the beds for cleaning. Alpa says you think so? Koel asks Titli about the separate beds. Maina says you always fight with Garv, he loves you a lot.

Garv is with some girl. Titli says I have to make Garv get rid of this anger. Garv beats a guy. Titli says my love will defeat his anger.