Titli 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Garv shares his past with Titli


Titli 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Titli saying one has to hold each other’s hand to stay together. Garv says then hold my hand. They dance with everyone. Titli prays. Dhrishti gets her pic. She gets Sandy’s call. She goes. Titli thinks where is Dhrishti going. She follows her. Dhrishti sees Sandy. Titli comes and says I can’t let Dhrishti deal with you alone. Sandy asks will Titli save you from me. Titli scolds him. Sandy shows the pic and threatens them. He asks how can a girl dump me. Titli says she has a right to decide, give me the phone. He argues. Garv looks for Titli. Sandy says I have come to call Dhrishti, call anyone you want. Titli throws red colour on his face. She asks Dhrishti to run and call Chintu. Titli tries to snatch the phone. Sandy pushes Titli. She falls down the railing and shouts for help. Garv looks on and shouts Titli. He asks her to give her hand. He says nothing will happen to you, give me your hand. He recalls Chiku. He shouts Chiku. Titli looks at him.

Garv pulls Titli up. Everyone comes out and looks on. Titli asks who is Chiku. Garv goes and locks the door. Everyone asks him to open the door. Garv recalls Chiku. Koel says open the door. Alpa scolds Titli. Maina and Koel also scold Titli. Manikant says nothing will happen to Garv. Garv breaks a mirror. Titli goes inside the room. Garv asks her to stay away. She says don’t worry. She hugs him and consoles him.

Agar tum saath ho….plays… She asks him to please share the matter and not suffer alone. He asks her to just leave. She says I have promised you to be with you, tell me who is Chiku, what happened. He recalls the childhood moment. He calls out Chiku.

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FB shows Manikant scolding the kids for spoiling his papers. Chiku saves Garv and says its my mistake. Manikant slaps him. Chiku runs. He steps on some rope and falls down the railing. He asks Garv to save him. Little Garv gives his hand, but fails to pull him. Chiku falls down and dies. Manikant says you are the reason, you killed Chiku, Garv. Garv cries. He says I failed in saving him. Titli says its not your mistake, you didn’t do anything. She hugs him.

Manikant and Hiren break the door. Everyone gets inside. They ask Garv is he okay. Garv gets angry. He asks them to leave. Manikant says get up, don’t cry, deal with it. Garv shuts his ears. Titli argues with Manikant. Garv asks everyone to leave. Titli’s family leaves. Monica asks Dhara not to worry. Chintu asks Dhara to inform him about Garv and Titli. Dhara asks him to ask Dhrishti. Manikant scolds Koel. Maina cries for Chiku. She faints. He holds her. He asks Koel to get water. Manikant thinks Titli can’t know the truth further, else everything will get over. Garv lies in Titli’s lap and cries. She also cries.

Koel asks why are their beds separate. Alpa says their relation broke. Titli comes. Koel questions about the beds. Garv comes and says I have done all this.