Titli 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Garv meets Ishani


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The Episode starts with Garv saying you have hurt me. He goes. Titli says I have made him upset. She rushes after him. Bhakti says you were upset with him. Maina asks where are Garv and Titli. Monica says they might be spending time. Titli asks do you smoke. Garv says no, I m smoke for the first time. She stops him. They argue. She says I m not habitual to love. He says get habitual, this love will keep on increasing. Baa asks Koel to be thankful, she got to know the truth, how can her sister fool her. Koel gets sad. Manikant scolds her.

Maina says I will clear your confusion after going home, please enjoy for the sake of Garv’s happiness. She hugs Koel. Koel cries and nods. Ishani goes to the florist store and takes Titli’s address. She thinks to go and tell Garv’s truth to Titli. Paresh says I hope the arrangements were good. Manikant says it wasn’t bad, just few people came, we will see arrangements in other functions. Maina says he means its good. Titli says I convinced Garv. Bhakti says he should understand, he reacted that way, isn’t it strange. Garv stops them. He says it’s the most imp thing, this is for Koel. Koel recalls Radha Krishna idol. Garv says Titli got this special gift for you. Koel says I couldn’t get this home that day because of you. Titli says I will do this everyday to make you smile. Garv says I value your wishes. Manikant says we should leave. They all leave.

Titli says Garv is very caring, he has much family pressure. Bhakti goes. Garv comes back and says everyone is outside. He kisses Titli. He says you will come for me decked up in a red dress. They share a moment. Dheere Dheere se….plays… Monica says you can go home and talk on call, come. Garv leaves.

Ishani comes there. Garv stops the car and thinks was it that girl… Monica asks what happened. He says nothing. Everyone praises Garv. Jaishri says Titli is lucky. Paresh says she kept my respect, I didn’t expect her to get such good gifts. Jaishri stops Titli. He blesses Titli. Jaishri says if Paresh knew Garv got the gifts, then the matter would have got spoiled. Ishani comes home. Titli says you here. Ishani says sorry to come this way, I need to talk to you. Titli says sorry, I was busy yesterday, it was my Gordhana today. Ishani gets Garv’s call. She answers.

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He asks how are you, are you okay. Ishani asks how did you call. He asks where are you these days. She says old place, I have much work, I don’t get time to go out. He disconnects. Titli calls Garv. He says I have come because you were missing me, I was getting hiccups. Ishani turns away. Titli says I have to make you meet my friend. Ishani sees Garv.

Koel likes Titli’s art. She sees Maina’s pic. She sees Manikant’s pic folded behind. Garv greets Ishani. Titli asks do you know each other. Ishani says we were in college. He says we dated each other for five years, what are you doing here. She says I had some work with Titli. She leaves.

Titli asks do you talk to your ex GF even now. He asks jealous? She says no. He says don’t be jealous, Ishani was my past, you are my present and future, I love you a lot. She says thanks for telling me about your past. He says I don’t like to complicate relations, I will always support you. She asks how did Ishani get hurt, her hand is artificial. Garv says it wasn’t before, I don’t know. Ishani says you forgot that day when you ruined my life, your truth will come in front of Titli soon.

Ishani says this is the gift of loving you, you love to control things, you ruined my life. She cries. Titli looks at Garv.