The story of love… Part 1

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 Here is the 1st episode. Please read it and share your views..💖


A small is girl is seen pleading her parents..

Girl:mumma..papa.. please..i don’t want to put injection.. please..

Mom: have high fever..if you put injection then you will get fine soon…and you can play with your friends with your Barbie doll.

Girl cries..

Girl:but it will be so painful..

Doctor kartik smiles seeing the kid and he lifts her..

Kartik: hey sweety…do you like candies or chocolates?


Kartik: I’ll give you both if you pass two exams now..

Girl: what exams?

Kartik: first is to put injection and next is to not cry.. if you pass this simple exam then I’ll give you both chocolate and candy.

Girl: school exams are easy but this is will be painful. Iam scared of injection..

Kartik: you want to be like lion or mouse?

Girl: ofcourse lion..lion is so brave.

Kartik: if you want to be like lion.. then you wouldn’t have got scared for injections and all because lions aren’t scared for anything. They are the king of jungle.. do you want to be a king or crying baby?

Girl:i want to be king..i am always brave. I am brave than my friends..

Kartik:if you are brave..then you should put injection and tell it to your friends..then everyone will clap for your braveness. They will also be scared of you..

Girl: really? Then i will put injection nowatself and tell everyone..

Kartik:good girl.

Kartik smiles and puts injection on her and the girl too doesn’t cry..

Kartik:very brilliant. As you passed the are your candy and a chocolate.

He gives a candy and a chocolate and the girl gets it happily..

Girl:thank you are best. I love you so much..

Kartik smiles..

Mom: thank you doctor for..

Kartik:arrey..i did a doctor’s duty. A doctor’s duty is not only to treat but to treat according to patients age too. And moreover make her take rest for two days and give these medicines that i prescribed.. she will be alright soon.

Dad:ok.. thank you so much.

They leave while kartik sits on his chair and suddenly prerna Keerthi and shivaay enters his cabin banging shocking kartik..

Kartik:arrey what’s this? Why are you entering as if you are all going to kill me..

Keerthi:then what shall we do bhai? We are actually here to murder you only..

Kartik makes a puppy face.

Kartik: krishnaji..see my siblings are all so idiots. Iam here to save lives but they are here to murder me. Please get me justice.

Shivaay:shut up your mouth kartik. You are acting as if we are wrong here.. tomorrow is your engagement and today your sitting for your duty. Which groom will be like this?

Kartik:arrey..that’s why i decided to off my duty at evening. I’ll enjoy with you guys at you all please leave..there are more appointments for me.

Prerna: idiot brother. You chase us na..let me see how you chase away vedika when she comes here..that day we will see..

Kartik smiles..

Kartik:she is my fiance and would be my wife. Her relationship with me is different from you i won’t chase her..

Shivaay Keerth and prerna opens their mouth in shock while kartik laughs..

Kartik:my smart siblings..keep your mouth close orelse mosquitos will build disease inside your mouths. Then I won’t treat you guys without my fees..

Shivaay: waah..what a great joke!! I’ll laugh tomorrow..

Prerna: you will chase away your siblings and keep your lover huh? Wait..once our time comes we will forget you for our partners..that day we will see your reaction.


Kartik gets up and hugs them..

Kartik:arrey my jealous siblings..i just told for fun. Why will I forget you all..and moreover i just did prank of chasing you away for fun. Now i closed every appointments and iam coming nowatself to enjoy..i will join my duty back only after my marriage. Now come lets go..

They all leave happily to enjoy kartik’s marriage  functions..

khanna house

Vedika is sitting with her friend pallavi in a room..

Pallavi: vedu.. marriage glow is on your face.

Vedika blushes while pallavi teases her..

Pallavi: ohh are blushing too much. What will you do when you see your fiance tomorrow? Don’t make him faint by your blush vedu..

Vedika:stop teasing me..iam getting nervous too.

Pallavi: you are not marrying any random are marrying your own lover kartik. Then why are you nervous?

Vedika: whatever but our relationship is going to change from lovers to married i feel nervous as i should not only manage kartik but his family too.

Pallavi: don’t will manage. I have confidence on you..

Suddenly someone taps on the door..

Someone:shall I come in?

Vedika:come in Tina..

Tina goes inside and serves tea and snacks to vedika and pallavi and they sip it ..

Vedika: Good. This time you dint do mistake like everytime.

Tina smiles faintly..

Vedika: and remember one thing.. tomorrow is my go and do the decorations we’ll. The groom’s family should get you have to decorate in such a way..

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Tina:ok..I’ll do it.

Vedika:if any of them gets disappointed then you know what I’ll be careful.

Tina nods and goes while vedika smirks..

Pallavi: i feel pity for her..why you guys are treating her like servant? She is your sister right..

Vedika: shut up pallavi. If you feel pity for her then cut the friendship with me nowatself. She is not my own sister..she was brought by my father. He found her lying half dead and so he brought her and saved her life and made her his daughter as he couldn’t find her family before 10 years.

Pallavi: so..

Vedika: she have forgotten her past so she lived here as this house’s daughter. I used to get angry as my father always loves her more than me and even now i hate her. I used to act lovely with her before my father but once he is dead..i treat her as my servant as she is no one to me and my mother.

Pallavi: even if she isn’t your own sister but still she is sister as your father kept her as his daughter..

Vedika gets irritated..

Vedika: stop irritating me pallavi. If you talk about her then please leave. I and my mother dint chase her out in fear of police only orelse we would have chasen her away from here once our father died.

Pallavi:fine..iam sorry.. I wont talk about her. But atleast tell me whether Tina knows that this isn’t her family?

Vedika: no..she still thinks my parents as hers and iam her elder sister as we dint disclose the truth yet. I will tell her when the time comes..

Vedika smirks and goes..

Tina goes to her room and shuts the door and cries..

Tina: why are you doing this with me lord? Until my father was here.. everyone loved me but once father died vedika and my mother are treating my like servant..why? Am i not their family? Why do they hate me?

She falls down and cries..


Anika is seen putting makeup while naksh passes by her room..

Naksh: enough anika… don’t break the mirror.


Naksh:arrey..i mean..from morning you are putting makeup.. won’t you give rest to mirror? It is holding your face since morning..if you do more makeup then I am sure mirror will break into pieces.

Anika gets angry..

Anika:bhai.. don’t tease me orelse I’ll start..iam just trying which makeup should I put tomorrow for engagement party of vedika as her mother invited us as she is friend of our mother.

Naksh: even vedika is our friend too. And what did you tell? You are just trying which makeup to put tomorrow? OMG.. for trying atself you are taking this much hour then what will you do tomorrow? Will you get ready from midnight today?

Anika:shut up Bhai. I must look gorgeous..that’s why.

Anurag too comes there and..

Anurag: why? Are you going to catch any boyfriend in tomorrow’s party?

Anika: you bhais are irritating too much. I won’t spare you two now..

She chases anurag and naksh and they run around laughing..

Akshara gets sad seeing them..

Karishma : akshara..i know what you miss naira right?

Akshara:Haan..before 10 years..naksh naira anika and anurag were playing together. Now i lost naira..i lost my daughter.

She recalls the past..


10 years before..

Singhania’s were going for a trip..

Akshara naitik naksh naira anika Karishma Naman and anurag were enjoying the trip together..

After enjoying their trip while coming back there was a huge landline and many members fallen from cliff due to Heavy landslide…

Naitik and naman tried to save their family and they saved everyone but naira falls into cliff shocking them..

Everyone shouts:naira….

The police informs them that everyone who have fallen from cliff are dead.


Akshara: That day is worst of my life. I wish naira had survived that day..

Karishma: we can’t change our past but we can forget our past. Lets forget that bad incident and remember it in good way.. naira has become a star..she will be seeing us. She doesn’t like us being let’s be happy with whatever we have.

Akshara nods her head and smiles..

Akshara:yes..i don’t want to upset my naira. She won’t be happy seeing us sad.

Karishma: anyways tomorrow we have to attend Vedika’s engagement as her mother is close to us and even vedika is close to us..

Akshara:yes. But i still don’t know why Tina is so silent and she never come to our house and she never mingle with us even when we go to her house.

Karishma:yes..she is different. She is vedika’s sister but still she behaves like a stranger to us..

Akshara:leave it..maybe it’s her nature.


PROMO:- Garland falls on kartik and Tina. Anurag and prerna become friends. Anika and shivaay quarrel.

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