The sparkling rain of love Part1 Arjun Bijlani Shivangi Joshi


The sparkling rain of love Part1

I dedicate this TS to Ishita Zoy who wants an Arjun Bijlani Shivangi Joshi story on the tamil movie Kadhal.I really thank my friend Rehana Siraj for making Arjun Shivangi edits.

A girl opened her room’s window and looked outside.There was a vehicle workshop opposite to her house.She looked there.A mechanic was repairing a car.She kept looking at him with a calm smile.

She:You are my only relief.

Accidentally he saw her looking at him.

Immediately he turned off his face.She felt sad.

The girl was Arpita and the mechanic was Raghav.




Arpita got out of her house to go to college.She passed by the vehicle work shop.Raghav and Arpita looked at each other.Arpita smiled at him.Raghav smiled slightly at her.

But it was only her imagination.The reality was different.He did not smile back leaving her sad.




Raghav was praying to the God’s Idol placed on the top of a hill.Suddenly he heard  girl praying:Please God.. please give me a place in his heart.

Raghav opened his eyes and turned back.He saw Arpita praying.He was stunned.

Arpita opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Raghav:What is this Arpita?

Arpita:You know that.Right?

Raghav:Though you have not told me anything,i have understood everything frok your mannerisms.You are always staring at me through your windows and smile only at me when you pass by the work shop.You are finding excuses to bring your scooter to the workshop and you want only me to repair your scooter.

Arpita:You are right.I am purposefully doing everything to gain your attention.Because I like you.But you are ignoring me.That’s why I prayed to God to give me a place in your heart.

Raghav became dull.

Raghav:Stop this Arpita.You are a very rich girl.But I am a simple vehicle mechanic.So leave your stupid infatuation.

Arpita became upset.

Arpita:I don’t care about your status Raghav.I really like you.And don’t insult my love by simply calling it a stupid infatuation. I am serious.

Raghav was touched by her words.

Raghav:You are immature.We have no future together.Your father Balrajji is very rich.He will never allow you to marry a poor orphan like me.

Arpita:I don’t care about what he thinks.You don’t know anything about him.He is a rich goon who everyone is scared of.But you don’t know that he scares his daughter also.Because I am not his real daughter,but his step daughter.After my mom’s death,he tortures me a lot.I am also an orphan like you Raghav.I get relief only when I see you.That’s why I felt that you are my soulmate and I have a special affection for you.

Raghav was shocked to hear that Arpita’s dad Balraj is a goon who tortures her.

Arpita walked away crying.Raghav felt sad.





Arpita was standing in a park with a sad face.She was weeping.Raghav who came there with a bouquet of flowers witnessed it with a sad face.

He went near her.Arpita saw him,but she did not even look at his face properly as she was hurt by him.

Arpita:Why have you come near Raghav?To insult my love again and again?I will not disturb you again with my love Raghav.But don’t stop me from loving you.You have no right for that.

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Raghav became sad feeling pain in her words.

Suddenly he extended flowers towards her.She looked at him with a surprise.

Raghav:When you were trying to gain my attention,you had succeeded in capturing my heart.Even without my knowledge you had won a place in my heart.But I tried to suppress my feelings for you thinking that we should never be united.But after knowing that you are also lonely like me,I realised that we are made for each other and we are each other’s solace.You are not an orphan anymore Arpita.You have me.

Arpita smiled emotionally.

Raghav:I love you Arpita.

Arpita smiled taking the flowers from him.

Arpita:I love you Raghav.

They embraced each other happily.




Arpita brought a cake to Raghav’s small rented house.

Arpita:Happy birthday Raghav.

Raghav’s eyes became teary.

Raghav:After my parents passed away I have not celebrated my birthday.

Arpita wiped his tears and said:Now I am with you.So you are not an orphan anymore.From now onwards we will celebrate every birthday of ours together.

Raghav smiled.

She decorated his house with balloons.

Raghav cut the cake and fed it to Arpita.Arpita fed him back.

Raghav noticed the cake icing on her fingers.He moved closer to her

and sucked the icing from her finger romantically.She blushed.



Balraj questioned Arpita:Some people informed me that they saw you going to the mechanic Raghav’s house.Is it true?

Arpita replied nervously:Yes.

Balraj slapped her angrily.

Balraj:How dare you say courageously that you visited his house?

Arpita:Because I can’t lie about my feelings for Raghav.I really like him.

Balraj slapped her again.

Balraj:Don’t think that you can marry that loser. You will marry my friend’s son Shiv.

Arpita was shocked.

Arpita:You can’t fix my marriage without my permission.You have no right for that.You are not my father.

Balraj slapped her and said:I am your guardian and I have full rights on you.Understand?

Arpita looked at him tearfully.




Arpita visited Raghav secretly at the hill temple.Raghav’s friend Ranveer was also there.

Arpita:My evil dad came to know about us and fixed my marriage with his friend’s son Shiv.I know that he is getting me married to Shiv only because his dad promised him to help him financially in business.I can’t stay there anymore Raghav.If I go back he will forcefully get me house arrested.

Raghav and Ranveer were shocked.

Raghav:Then we will have to leave this place.

Arpita:Yes,we will elope Raghav.

Raghav:But where will we stay?We can’t stay here after marriage.Your father will not let us live in peace.

Arpita became upset.

Ranveer:Don’t worry about that.You both can stay in my house in my hometown.

Raghav and Arpita smiled with relief.

Raghav hugged Ranveer and said:Thank you so much Ranveer.You are my true friend.

Ranveer:No need of thanking me.Friends are for helping each other.Right?

Raghav:You are the best buddy.

Raghav and Arpita were smiling.

Ranveer smiled.