Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Akaal’s Shocking Order To Sahiba


Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kiara questions Jasleen why did she inform her about Inder’s daughter and Garry leaving home. Jasleen says she handled the stress alone and didn’t want to disturb her, she planned a daughter’s day celebration for her, but Inder and Manveer’s drama spoilt everything. Kiara says she is right. Jasleen says let’s go for a party with only them and her friends. Kiara says she is feeling very sleep and suggests her to take Seerat instead. Seerat walks in. Jasleen says she came at the right time, they are going for a party.

Sahiba spoils her painting lost in thoughts. Angad passes by and says their relationship is like these overflowing lines which can never unite. Sahiba tries to speak to him, but he walks away. Inder walks to Sahiba and says he never wanted Sahiba to be in Angad’s life, but now wants her to be in his life forever; Sahiba and Angad’s relationship is spoilt after Simran came into their lives; he wants to refix it, but Anad is not ready to talk to him.

Jasleen takes Seerat to the party. Her friends gossip that Seerat is the one who eloped from wedding and then married Jasleen’s son Garry. Seerat feels alone and awkward. Friend tells Jasleen that they shall go to her home and play cards. Jasleen says she will take Seerat along. Friend says Seerat is her DIL and not daughter to carry her everwhere. Jasleen asks Seerat to enjoy for some time and then go home. She leaves with her friends. Jasleen gets heavily drunk. A man noticing her offers her drink and asks if he can give her a company. Seerat says her partner is coming. She calls Angad. Angad asks why she sounds drunk and where is she. Seerat says she is at some hotel. Angad asks why is she there and goes to pick her up. He reaches hotel. Intoxicated Seerat hugs him and tells man that she told her partner will come.

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Manveer notices Angad leaving home and thinks this is the right chance to execute her plan. She walks to Akaal and Japjyoth and brainwashes them that Inder is obeying Sahiba and hence decided to adopt Simran on her suggestion. Akaal calls Sahiba and asks if she knew about Inder’s plan to adopt Simran. Sahiba says no. Akaal orders her to convince Inder not to adopt Simran. Sahiba asks how can she do that. Manveer threatens that if Inder doesnt’ agree, she will divorce him. Japjyoth says divorce never happened in this house till now. Akaal tells Sahiba it’s his order and she has to fulfill it.

Precap: Sahiba finds Simran missing and informs Veer and Inder. Angad returns home. Inder says Simran is missing.