Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Brars Despise Sahiba


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Sahiba calls Keerat and asks her to zoom the video and see the imposter wearing a snake design ring which she doesn’t even have. Keerat asks how will she prove her innocence with just this evidence. Sahiba hears some sound near the door. Keerat asks what happened. Sahiba says nothing important and says inspector had sent her a public prosecutor’s number, she will speak to him tomorrow. Angad returns home with his lawyer Mr Jethania and asks him if he can meet a judge who will hear Akaal’s case. Jethania says he knows the judge, a good is the one who knows law well and a best lawyer is the one who can convince the judge. Seerat brings tea and serves them. Angad says he doens’t need it. Seerat says he should have it as he hasn’t slept a bit since yesterday. Angad says he will not have a drop of water until he brings Akaal back home.

Sahiba meets public prosecutor next day and explains that she didn’t file a complaint and wants to get Akaal out of jail at any cost, she doesn’t want to set a bad example for real victims and make a mockery of law. Jethania takes Angad to judge’s office. Judge asks who is he. Angad introduces himself and says his Darji is innocent and he wants to get a bail for him in exchange of any amount judge quotes. Judge gets angry and says he he is bribing a judge and can be prosecuted. He warns her to get out and not expect any leniency from him. Jethania apologizes judge and takes him away. Sahiba meets inspector and shows her a snake-shaped ring worn by the imposter and says she never wore such ring. She requests to free her Darji. Inspector says nothing can be done now till court hearing and asks her not get afraid and give up so easily. Sahiba continues her stance.

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Brars visit Akaal. Japjyoth breaks down seeing Akaal behind bars and offers him tiffin. Sub-inspector stops her and says outside food is not allowed and asks her to just meet the convict and leave. Angad warns him to behave with his bebe. Sub-inspector says he is just doing his duty. Sahiba walks out of inspector’s cabin with her lawyer. Japjyoth curses her that god will punish her for her sins and breaks down more. Seerat comforts her. She walks to Sahiba and asks what is she doing with a lawyer when she told she is going to prove her innocence and get Akaal out of jail. Sahiba says Akaal can’t come out until the court hearing starts. Serat cusses her and says she is ashamed to call her as sister. Angad and others also curse her.

Sahiba asks her lawyer if he knows judge who will hear their case. Lawyer says yes and asks what she is up to. Sahiba asks judge’s address and reaches his house, but guards don’t let her in without appointment. She calls Keerat and seeks her help. Brars return home. Japjyoth locks herself in a room. Family get concerned for her. Jasleen tongue lashes Angad for failing to get Akaal out of jail. Manveer confronts her and their argument starts. Japjyoth opens door. Seerat says she is praying for Akaal’s release and will not have even a drop of water until he is freed. Japjyoth praises her and says she is so caring and completely opposte to her sister. Brar drama continues. Keerat with Veer reaches Sahiba. Sahiba says she wants to meet judge at any cost. Veer says he will sign and gain judge’s attention, she can meet him then.

Precap: Inder orders Angad to divorce Sahiba.
Angad signs papers. Sahiba asks if he also thinks same. Angad says she wanted freedom.
Sahiba says how to explain him that she is innocent. Angad says how to explain her.