Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sahiba Gets Scared


Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Manveer tells Sahiba that she troubled her family a lot and it’s time to get out of their lives forever by divorcing Angad. Sahiba looks at Angad in a shock. Inder warns Manveer to stop her nonsense, they are in trouble and she is talking about their divorce. Manveer says divorce is the only solution for their son’s problems, even he wanted their divorce and just because Sahiba helped him in his wrong deeds, he is supporting her. Akaal asks her to stop her wrong demand. Manveer says her demand is justified and asks Angad to speak. Seerat asks Angad to tell that he doesn’t want to stay with Sahiba and that he wants to forget her forever. Angad says he said that in anger and didn’t mean it. Seerat says words spoken in anger and drunk are always true. Angad says he never wants to leave Sahiba, it was Sahiba’s decision to leave him. He asks Sahiba to take a decision.

Sahiba says he easily put the blame on her and wants her to take a decision. She asks Manveer to get the divorce papers signed by her son and send it to her. She walks out of the cabin. Angad and Inder follow her. Tech informs them that they found Sahiba’s mobile was hacked and suggests her to log out of all the social media and bank accounts till they find out the hacker. Inder asks what about Angad’s phone. Tech says Angad’s phone is connected to his lapto and they are checking both. She takes Sahiba’s phone and gives her another phone on Inder’s order. Inder requests her to keep it as they need to be connected to each other in this tough situation. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to be connected to anyone and leaves from there. She cries in a lift. Sahiba Ruthgaiya Sahiba Ruthgaiya.. song plays in the background.

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Rumi thinks it’s good Sahiba is getting divorce now and follows Sahiba to the college library. Tech informs Angad that there is a reminder in Sahiba’s mobile. Angad checks it and tells Inder that it’s for him, it’s Simran’s birthday after 2 days. Inder gets emotional and says Sahiba thinks about everyone so much. Angad says except him and walks away from there sadly. Sahiba studies at college library. Librarian says it’s time to close the library. Sahiba requests him to give her some more time as she needs to finish pending notes. Librarian agrees and asks her to close the library while leaving. Sahba gets busy again. Rumi walks in and talks romantically with her. Sahiba gets scared and asks who is he. He says he is her Mirza. Sahiba recalls reading a note with flower bouquet and says he is just a stalker. Rumi continues to frighten her with his words while Sahiba scared tries to search him. He tells her that soon she will be divorcing her husband and will be with him forever. Sahiba gets more scared.

Precap: Manveer informs family that she will get Angad divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Family is shocked to hear that while Seerat gets happy. Angad forcefully brings Sahiba home and says she will stay here as her life is in danger. Manveer yells this shameless girl can’t stay in this house. Angad warns her to dare not speak a word against his wife Sahiba.