Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad Stops Manveer


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Simran tells Sahiba that Angad bhaiya’s mamma doesn’t want her to stay in this house; though she doesn’t have a mamma, Angad has mamma and he should stay with her. She asks Sahiba to visit orphanage with Angad often and play with her. Manveer calls Mr Dhillon and tells Simran that should go to orphanage with Dhillon. Simran tells Sahiba and Angad that she will never forget them in life and asks Angad if she shall keep his gifted teddy as his memory. Angad nods yes. Simran says she will hug it whenever she misses him. She waves good bye to each family member. Inder breaks down and pleads Angad to not punish an innocent child for his sins. Manveer drags Simran towards the door. Simran pleads Angad. Sahiba reminds Angad of the promise he made while Simran tied rakhi to him. Angad stops Manveer and requests her not to be so rude to the kid. Manveer shouts not to interfere if he really cares for his mother.

Manveer continues to drag Simran out of the house. Simran continues to plead Angad. Sahiba asks if Angad Simran will never had a brother’s protection, etc. Seerat yells at her to stop provoking Angad against his mother. Manveer snatches Simran’s teddy and throws it away. Simran runs and picks it and says this teddy will be with her forever. Manveer drags Simran towards a car again. Inder pleads her not to do that for god sake. Angad stops her and says Simran will not go to orphanage. Manveer shocked asks if he will go against his mamma. Seerat also questions him. Inder thanks god. Manveer slaps Angad and says he has become his wife’s puppet and is going against his mother to please her. She verbally abuses Sahiba and curses her. She then wobbles. Sahiba rushes to help her, but she pushes Sahiba away. Angad and Seerat hold her. She collapses.

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Doctor treats Manveer and says she got a high BP and should be kept tension-free. Manveer opens eyes and calls Japjyoth. Japjyoth asks how is she now. Manveer says her son betrayed her for a girl and she will never forgive him. Akaal calls Sahiba and Angad and says Angad did right by not spending Simran to orphanage, but they can’t deny Manveer’s pain and he feels Simran should be send to a boarding school as Angad and Sahiba had planned. Sahiba stands shocked. Angad agrees. After some time, Inder thanks Angad for his kind behavior. Drama continues..

Precap: Sahiba gets tensed when Simran goes missing and thinks if anyone of the family member sent her away.