Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad beats up Mark for Seerat’s honor


Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Manbeer telling Angad about Sahiba’s behavior. Angad says I will talk to her later. Jasleen asks Seerat to serves everyone and says we are proud of you. Seerat takes kabab and serves to the guests. The guest Mark tells that he shall try kabab, but the salt is much, and I like it. Seerat says I will get something salty and spicy prepared for you. Mark says it is already prepared. Seerat goes to serve kabab to others. Angad is talking to the guests. Sahiba comes and tells Seerat that she will serve now. She serves kababs to the guests and says we don’t let our guests’ plate empty. Jasleen introduces Gary to the guests as her son and Angad’s right hand. A guest asks Gary why he didn’t come for meeting. Jasleen says Gary is working on important project. She tells them that Seerat is Gary’s wife, whom they thought as Angad’s wife. The guest praises Gary to be very lucky to have such a wife. Mark who is eying Seerat tells Angad that he is very lucky, says you couldn’t marry Seerat who is hot, but married her sister who is zero. Angad gets angry on Mark and tells he is very drunk. Mark says I am saying what I saw. He says you got what you wanted to get. Angad asks him to stop it and says that he can’t hear anything against his house women. Akaal tells the guests that Mark shall leave, else they have to handle him. Mark asks Seerat if I am lying, you are hot so hot. He says diamond in your bangles is thinking that if you are more beautiful or them, and says your earrings are very beautiful, and I feel like kissing it. Angad couldn’t bear her insult and beats Mark for putting bad sight on her. Seerat cries. Everyone tries to stop him. Sahiba also tries to stop him. Angad says he has misbehaved with Seerat, I will not leave him. Akaal asks Angad to stop as he continues to beat Mark. Seerat cries and hugs Angad shocking everyone. She then realizes, says sorry and goes. Gary looks on.

Mark’s partner apologizes to Akaal on his behalf and takes Mark with them. Seerat thinks what everyone must be thinking specially Angad, as she hugged him. Sahiba comes there and sees her hands shaking. She blames herself for coming late, which made them misunderstand and comment. Seerat asks her to go. Sahiba says I am with you only, just a call away.

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Angad drinks water. Akaal asks Angad to cancel all the deals with Mark. Jaspal says they are our face in Canada, if we cancel the deal then will bear losses. Akaal says I can bear loss in business, but can’t bear if anyone insults my house respect. Jasleen says Angad shouldn’t have beaten Mark. Akaal says you should have got him arrested instead. Sahiba comes there. Jasleen blames Sahiba for coming late. Others also blame her for going to college. They argue. Akaal says I told Angad, then also he let Sahiba go to college. He tells that Angad has taken two wrong decisions in a day and says I am losing my trust on you. Sahiba asks him not to punish Angad for her mistake. Akaal says I don’t want to hear you or don’t want to say you anything.

Jasleen is happy that Akaal is upset with Angad and asks Gary to make his image infront of Dad. Angad’s mother blames Sahiba. Sahiba tries to clarify infront of Angad, and tells him that she was locked in the class and there was no network. Angad says he don’t want to hear anything. She says she will apply him medicine. He refuses and tells that he went against his family for her, and reminds her of her promise. He asks what wrong did I ask you, I asked you to come on time, and says the matter is about the promise which we did to Bebe or Daar ji. He says you returned as if you came from the trash bin. She says you are judging me like others and says I wanted to come back soon. Angad says my relations are more important to me and you broke my trust, and made me fall down in Daar ji’s eyes. He says today you have upset me. He says you have harmed me, I wish I wouldn’t have become supportive husband, and this misunderstanding wouldn’t have aroused.

Precap: Police comes to arrest Akaal Singh and says someone complained from this house against him. Jasleen asks Sahiba if she complained to Police that Dad didn’t let her go to college. Sahiba refuses. Jasleen shows the video in which sahiba is blaming Akaal for not letting her go to college, that’s why she is registering complaint against him. Sahiba is shocked.