Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Manveer’s Unjustified Move


Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Simran prepares a sandwich for Angad. Toaster malfunctions creating sparks, and power goes off. Simran pleads for help. Angad hears her and walks to kitchen. Power returns. Sahiba also rushes to kitchen and notices Simran tightly hugging Angad in fear. Angad doesn’t comfort. Sahiba keeps his hand on Simran. Angad withdraws it back. Inder and Manveer also walk in. Angad says if she was hungry, she can ask Sahiba to give food to her. Simran says she doesn’t need food, she was preparing sandwiches for Angad as he is hungry since the morning. She asks Manveer to feed something to her son as he is hungry since the morning. Sahiba takes Simran from there.

Angad walks to Akaal and asks if he can sit with him for some time. Akaal nods yes. Angad says Manveer wanted a daughter, but before that, Manveer and Inder’s relationship turned sour; he got attached to Simran when he met her for the first time and wanted to do a lot for her, but after knowing the truth, his opinion towards her changed; it’s not Simran’s mistake that she is born illegitimate and thinks of keeping her at Brar house. Akaal says if Simran was born via Manveer, whole family would have wholeheartedly accepted her, but Simran is an illegitimate child and they can’t keep her with them or else society will badmouth about them. Angad says he understood and walks away.

Next morning, Brars are busy having breakfast when orphanage manager Mr Dhillon walks in. Manveer introduces him to her family and says he has come to take Simran from here. Sahiba pleads her not to do that. Simran gets adamant and says nobody can stop her. Seerat yells at Sahiba for opposing Simran. Sahiba requests Angad for help. Angad tongue lashes her and agrees to sign the documents. Sahiba requests Mr Dhillon to give them some time. Simran cries hearing their conversation and packs her bag with Angad and Inder’s given gifts, recalling tying rakhi to Angad, etc.

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Inder pleads Angad not to send his daughter to orphanage as he is still alive. Angad says he has to choose either him and Manveer or Simran and says they will leave the house if Simran stays here. Japjyoth asks Angad not to think of leaving the house. Veer requests Angad to think of Simran as his sibling like him, Kiara, and Garry. Angad angrily calls maid Sukhdeep. Sukhdeep brings a teddy he had ordered a few days ago for Simran. Simran walks out with her bag and reads Angad’s message with the teddy. She asks Angad if he got this teddy for her. Manveer says Angad is not her brother and asks Veer to call Mr Dhillon. Simran says she knows, hence she herself packed her bags .

Precap: Manveer drags Simran out of the house.
Simran pleads Angad to save he. Sahiba asks Angad if he will not protect his sister. Angad stops Manveer.