Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Manveer Questions Inder About His Relationship With Simran


Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Seerat enjoys drenching in rain and drags Angad with her. Angad asks her to leave him and walks under a shelter angrily. Seerat thinks he looks so handsome in anger. She holds him lustfully and says she remembers their meetings, why can’t the unite again. Angad frees himself and says she misunderstood him, his promise to take care of her doesn’t mean he will cross his limits. Seerat asks him to forget the limits and look at her lustfully. Angad says he knows she is upset after Garry left her, but if she crosses her limits, nobody will respect her. Seerat says she wants him to accept her again remembering she was his first choice. Angad says he is married to Sahiba now who is Seerat’s younger sister and Seerat is now his younger brother Garry’s wife, so she shouldn’t dare thinking of anything else than that and maintain her dignity. He walks away from there leaving Seerat frustrated.

Inder comforts Simran and says nothing will happen to Angad and Sahiba. He says she saw Angad in dream as she loves her a lot. Simran says a lot. Inder asks her to smile. Sahiba returns and says uncle made Simran smile, he is a good uncle then. Simran says yes. Inder asks Simran to sleep now. Simran asks him to recite a story for him. He recites a story and she falls asleep. Manveer walks in calling Angad and is shocked to see Inder there. She asks Inder what is he doing here. Inder says he was making a child asleep. Manveer says he never made Angad asleep in his childhood. Inder asks her to relax. Angad walks in recalling Seerat’s shameless act and seeing his parents there asks what are they doing here. Sahiba asks why is he drenched. Manveer takes Inder from there.

Sahiba asks Angad again why is he drenched. Angad says it’s raining outside. Sahiba gives him towel and asks him to dry himself or else instead of helping others, he may need help. Angad thinks if he shall inform Sahiba about Seerat’s shameless act. Seerat thinks Angad still likes her but is acting in fear of Sahiba, there is nothing between Saiba and him, but he doesn’t want to leave Sahiba and accept her, etc. Manveer questions Inder why he is so concerned about Simran while he never was concerned about any other kid in this house. Inder says her question is baseless. Manveer asks is it because Simran is Gayatri Sachdeva’s daughter. Inder anxiously says there are many Gayatri Sachdeva’s in the world. Manveer says she is talking about the one who ruined her house and asks if Simran is his daughter. Inder says he doesn’t want to asleep and goes to sleep.

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Next morning, Manveer questions Sahiba if she know anything about Simran’s father as she brought Simran home from orphanage. Simran walks in with Angad and asks Manveer to join them for breakfast. Manveer asks her to have it and takes Sahiba along. Seerat walks to Angad and asks if he is still angry on her due to last night’s event. Angad hesitantly says no. Seerat says she will prepare breakfast for Simran and asks Simran to join her. Simran asks if she will dump all the work on her like warden used to do. Seerat says no, it will be a fun event. Manveer continues to question Sahiba. Angad enters and asks how would Sahiba know about Simran’s father when she herself is searching him. Manveer leaves from there. Simran thinks why Manveer is suddenly interested in Simran, if she found out truth, she needs to talk to Inder regarding this.

Precap: Intoxicated Angad sitting besides a swimming pool with intoxicated Sahiba sings a song hoarsely. Sahiba asks him to stop. Angad expresses his love for her. Sahiba asks if he will not support her regarding Simran. Angad says she should leave the decision to him.