Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sahiba Is Humiliated


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Seerat feels disheartened seeing Garry’s rude behavior towards her and Sahiba getting all the attention of family. Angad offers her water and asks why is she crying. Seerat asks why is she not lucky like Sahiba, Garry left her alone and went away. Angad says he is with her and asks if there is any issue related to Garry. Seerat says no. Angad says he will ask Garry not to leave her alone during family functions; he, Sahiba, and whole family is with her. Seerat thinks she is so lucky that Angad cares for her so much. Angad says let us go and join the party. Seerat walks away with him. Jasleen notices them and thinks not only Seerat, even Angad pays attentino to Seerat.

An arrogant VIP guest Menaka attends party and orders her assistant to keep people away from her and not let anyone take selfies with her. Guests start taking selfies with her. She walks to Akaal and asks how is she. Sahiba gets happy seeing renowned artist Menaka attending the function and says she is a big fan of her and reads every article about her to find out how she became such a big artist. Angad says he looks so excited like a child. Sahiba says she used to be cheerful before. Angad asks what happened now. She says marriage with him. Angad smiles and says he will show her the benefits of being his wife. He introduces her to Menaka as his wife. Sahiba excuses herself for a minute and rushes to bring her paintings.

Menaka tells Angad that she will leave in a minute as she has an exhibition whose proceedings will go to poor people in charity. Sahiba brings her paintings and requests Menaka for her feedback. Menaka says its okay. Angad tells Sahiba its okay. Sahiba says she drew these paintings inspired by Menaka. Jasleen with a grin asks Menaka to give her a feedback if she insists. Menaka says Sahiba shouldn’t show these paintings to anyone as they are utter crap, art comes with sacrifice and dedication which Sahiba doesn’t have a bit. She continues to brutally humiliate Sahiba calling her a failed wannabe artist who colored a paper in free time and thought its a painting. Sahiba takes her painting and walks feeling severely disheartened. Akaal says that is why he doesn’t allow his family women to work outside the house. Jasleen comments that reality hurts a lot. Menaka starts chatting and laughing with her.

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Sahiba returns to her room and throws her paintings away. Menaka walks in and humiliates her again that she didn’t take any formal training or assisted any famous artist and considers herself as a great artist, she wanted a praise from her to boast about her work, etc. Sahiba says she wanted to join a famous art school and improve her skills, but couldn’t due to family issues. Menaka says that is her past, financial constraint is not an issue, past can’t be changed, but she can change the future and should think what she can do to create her own identity instead of living a comfortable life under Brar’s shelter.

In the evening, Angad brings sweet for Sahiba to cheer her up and shows her today’s party pics. Sahiba says Inder’s smile is missing in it. Angad tries to change the topic. Sahiba insists to tell why his father keeps himself away from the family. Angad informs that Inder was a state level hockey player, but Akaal wanted him to join family business and didn’t permit him to pursue his dream. Sahiba asks what does he think about it. Angad says he feels Inder is wrong as Akaal built a family business with so much passion and Inder should have carry forwarded his father’s legacy. Sahiba says Inder would have made Akal proud with his hockey career also. Angad says he doesn’t want to discuss about it. Sahiba asks did Manveer support Inder then.

Precap: Sahiba informs Brars that she wants to take admission in fine arts college and fulfill her dream. Manveer opposes it and tears Sahiba’s certificates. Angad returns home and asks what is happening. Jasleen says his madam wants to fulfill her graduation dream in fire arts. Angad asks what is wrong in it and signs Sahiba’s admission form.