Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Gurnoor Reminds Angad Of Sahiba

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Manveer with Jasleen walks into Keerat’s room and shouts what is happening here, what is Gurnoor doing here. Gurnoor says they were talking just about them and they both arrived. Jasleen says they must be badmouthing about them. Gurnoor says she was telling how good they both are as MILs. Manveer shouts to stop talking rubbish, she is her Gurnoor’s boss and not MIL. Gurnoor says when did she say that. Keerat says Gurnoor means Manveer considers Garry as her son and hence Keerat is like her DIL. Jasleen asks Keerat what is Gurnoor doing in her room. Keerat calls she called Gurnoor to know if she is fine. Manveer says Gurnoor is not a kid. Gurnoor says Keerat is her friend and a friend can call her friend anytime. Jasleen warns Keerat that she already warned her not to mingle with Keerat. Manveer says Gurnoor is a staff and should wear staff clothes. Gurnoor says she never forgot that she is a staff, but will not wear uniform. She runs away from there before Manveer could shout again. Manveer asks Keerat to stay away from Gurnoor. Keerat thinks how to stay away from Gurnoor who looks just exactly like Sahiba.

Angad looks at Sahiba’s flight tickets and emotionally says if she had aboarded a flight that day, she would have been alive and he would have joined her and Akeer after some time; they all 3 would have roamed a whole world. He finds Sahiba’s passport missing. Gurnoor hides Sahiba’s passport in her guitar bag. Angad searches for Sahiba’s passport and thinks if Akeer took it from there. Gurnoor while combing her hair thinks she ran away from Delhi and got stuck here. Akeer walks in and asks if he can come in. Gurnoor asks him to come in and asks if he needs something. Akeer says he came just like that and asks her to braid her hair as his mamma used to braid her hair and used to tell that hair get strong if they braid them. He asks if she doesn’t know to braid hair, he will call Bebe for help. Gurnoor says she herself will.

Angad asks Simran if she saw Akeer. Simran says she is in Gurnoor’s room. Angad asks her to call elders with respect. She says Akeer is in Gurnoor miss’ room. Angad walks to Gurnoor’s room and stands mesmerised seeing her hair braided like Sahiba’s. He recalls Sahiba. Gurnoor asks if he wants something. Angad asks why did she change her hairstyle. Gurnoor says it was Akeer’s idea, it’s nice. Angad says she is an employee here and should know her limits. Akeer asks why is he scolding his teacher and walks away angrily. Gurnoor asks why is he getting angry if she braided her hair, her mother used to braid her hair in childhood and today Akeer asked her to. Angad says she should just concentrate on Akeer’s studies and change her hairstyle.

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Gurnoor asks why should she obey him, she thought he is not arrogant like his mother, but he proved her wrong. Angad asks what wrong did he say. Gurnoor says his mother always reminds her that she is just a staff and behaves arrogantly, people like him and his mother spoil other’s moods and lose their mind. Angad recalls Sahiba telling same and walks away from there. Gurnoor thinks he left the talk midway; she is here to teach Akeer but now has to teach morales to even Akeer’s father.

Beeja thinks what is Gurnoor up to. Zoravar calls her and says he changed his mind and is not coming now, he will come at the right time when the enemy thinks he/she won and then he will attack the enemy, he tortures his enemy so much that he/she pleads for death; he will remind his terror to Gurnoor; he has sent a packet to her and she should send it to Gurnoor. Beeja checks the parcel and says Gurnoor thinks she is safe in Brar mansion, they should remind her that Zoravar’s reach is everywhere. Zoravar makes an evil laugh. Beeja say she bought him up since childhood and knows him well.

Angad returns to his room and looks at Sahiba’s photo, recalling Sahiba’s similar words. He further recalls Sahiba expressing his love for him before dying. He says even he will love her till his last breath, why he sees Sahiba in Gurnoor. Gurnoor walks in fuming to confront him and stops hearing him. He recalls Akeer’s words that his mamma used to braid her hair. She apologises him and says she understood that her hairstyle reminded him of his wife. Angad says she shouldn’t talk about Sahiba; he says she should behave professionally and shouldn’t cross her limits. She unbraids her hair and says she did as he asked her to. Angad says if she wants to tell something, and if not, she can go. Gurnoor says he doesn’t have to remind her repeatedly that he is her employer. Angad asks what else. Gurnoor walks away fuming. Angad looks at Sahiba’s photo again and say she knows she is nowhere, but her face is around him an he doesn’t know what to do.

Precap: Maid hands over Gurnoor’s parcel from Zoravar to Angad. Angad is shocked to see a whip, rope, and a dancing couple globe in it. Zoravar says he is coming to punish Gurnoor and whoever has sheltered her. Gurnoor shivers seeing that. Angad asks what is this.