Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad Gets A Bail


Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Judge says since Angad or his lawyer didn’t provide any evidence in his favor, court cancels his bail. Sahiba enters with Mannat and stops judge. She tells him that she got an evidence who was involved in a conspiracy against Angad. Judge asks who is she. Sahiba says she is Angad’s wife Sahiba and this is Mannat who was involved in a conspiracy against Angad. Judge asks Mannat to get into the dais. Mannat gets into dais and says Angad didn’t create Sunny’s identity and she tried to act as Sunny’s girlfriend and make him believe that Sunny exists. Sahiba asks why she is not taking Yash and Garry’s names. Defense lawyer Mr Dhillon asks if she acted on Yash’s order. Mannat says she did it by herself, Yash doesn’t know about it. Sahiba says she is lying. Mr Dhillon asks if Garry ordered her to do that. Mannat asks who Garry, she herself created Sunny’s identity and Angad is innocent. Mr Dhillon asks why did she do that. Mannat stands silent. Judge orders police to take Mannat to custody and further investigate her. He says Mannat’s evidence proved that Angad is not Sunny Sood and is innocent, but his diamond case will continue; he can get a bail if he promises to cooperate in the case and not leave the city uninformed. Angad nods okay.

Megha tells judge that Sahiba escaped from house arrest fooling police and should be prosecuted. Judge says when Megha failed to properly investigate the case, due to which victims had to investigate the case by themselves. He orders Megha to remove Brar family’s house arrest immediately and says police department is ashamed of her act. Megha calls subordinate and orders to remove house arrest and return to police station. Angad emotionally hugs Sahiba. Sahiba says she got him bail and soon will free him from all the allegations. Brars rejoice after watching the news of Angad’s bail. Jasleen goes to thank Yash for saving their business. Seerat goes aside and checks if Garry has called or messaged her and doesn’t find his calls or messages. She deletes all his past messages. Sahiba calls Manveer and informs her that she bailed out Angad and will reach home soon.

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Angad’s lawyer informs him to reach his office soon as something happened there. Akaal also gets a call and informs family that they need to reach office soon. They all reach office and feel happy seeing Angad out. Angad asks Akaal why did he call a board meeting suddenly. Akaal says he didn’t. Angad asks then who? Yash drives in. Angad asks what is this man doing here. Jasleen warns him to behave with Yash as he saved their business. Sahiba asks what does she mean. Yash says let us go in and speak. They all walk in. Angad asks why are they speaking to this man and why is he here. Akaal informs that Brar jewelers’ shares were falling after his arrest and helplessly they had to sell company’s shares to Yash to save themselves. Yash says he is the owner of Brar jewelers now and has called a board meeting to announce it’s new CEO who will be handling it from hereon.

Precap: Sahiba meets Garry and says she needs something from him. Garry says now she would obviously beg him as he has Angad’s house, companies, etc.; what does she have. Sahiba says she has his mother, will he listen to her now.