Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Seerat Demands Sahiba To Divorce Angad


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Rumi hides in Sahiba’s room and switches off room’s light. Sahiba walks out after a bathe and goes out to check. She finds only her room’s light off. She returns and searches for a candle. Rumi tries to touch her and stands staring at her under candle light. He thinks she comes in his dreams in wet hair and under candle light, he wants to gain her love forever. Sahiba cries recalling Angad’s betrayal. Rumi thinks he can’t see her crying and silently keeps kerchief near her. Sahiba finds kerchief and thinks how did it come here. Someone knocks door. Sahiba asks who is it and goes to open the door. Rumi thinks someone else is also coming in this room, it not safe for him to stay here. Sahiba’s dupatta gets stuck in his watch. Sahiba gets scared and asks who is it and runs towards door. Rumi picks her dupatta and escapes via bathroom pipe.

Sahiba opens door and finds Seerat standing. Seerat walks in and asks why did she delay opening the door. Sahiba says someone was here. Seerat says it’s her perception and asks why this room is so dark. Rumi fixes wire and switches on lights. Sahiba calls guard and says someone was in her room and escaped via bathroom window. Guard goes to check. Seerat asks Sahiba if she was with someone and hid him when she knocked the door. Sahiba warns her to mind her tongue. Rumi hiding behind thinks who is she who is misbehaving with Sahiba. Seerat asks what she thought about her and Angad’s relationship, Angad doesn’t want her in his life. Sahiba says she knows what Seerat is up to, she wants to ask when will she divorce Angad.

Seerat says it’s a straight question. Sahiba says it’s none of her business and asks who is she to Angad to ask this. Seerat says who is she to Angad now and what she will be is none of Sahiba’s business and asks her to just divorce Angad. Sahiba says she lost her right to be her sister and asks her to go from there. Seerat leaves. Rumi says this woman can’t misbehave with Sahiba, but she was right that Angad doesn’t deserve Sahiba’s love; he will take care of Sahiba. Angad continues to work at office. Veer tells Pam that it has been 4 days since Sahiba went home, he is working continuously and even forcing them to work more. Angad asks Pam of client’s mail came. Pam says they are waiting for that.

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Manveer recalls Angad refusing to return home and asking her not to bother about him. Inder shows his concern for Manveer and says she will spoil her health more if she doesn’t take food and medicines. Manveer asks how can she have food when her son hasn’t returned home since 4 days and is pain because of Sahiba. She curses Sahiba. Akaal with Japjyoth walks in and says even he had gone to office to bring Angad home, but Angad refused to come. Manveer continues to curse Sahiba and asks who will bring Angad home. Seerat walks in and says she will bring Angad home.

Sahiba visits her parental home. Ajith prepares food and serves her. Sahiba asks him to sit and talk to her first. Ajith asks what will Angad think seeing her so weak. Sahiba asks him not to take Angad’s name in front of her. Veer asks Angad to stop working and return home or else he will spoil his health. Angad says it doesn’t matter to him. Seerat walks in and says it matters to her. Sahiba informs Ajith and Keerat that her painting is going to be displayed in an art exhibition. They both get happy hearing that. Ajith says he wants her daughter to achieve new heights and make a name of her own, he is also worried about her and Angad’s relationship and wants to know what happened between the as neither Angad is picking his call nor Sahiba wants to discuss about it, he wants them both to live happily together.

Precap: Seerat tells Angad that he is a kind man who keeps his promise if he supports someone, he supported Sahiba, but she betrayed him. She asks him if he thought if he expresses his feelings to Sahiba, will she accept it. Angad asks how does she know. Manveer tells family that it’s their mistake that they got Angad forcefully married to Sahiba and hopes Angad had married Seerat as only Seerat understands Angad well.