Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad Questions Sahiba


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Sahiba tells Brars that the reports are true that she is pregnant. Angad looks at her confused. Hansraj asks Manveer why she is in doubt when it’s common for a couple to have children. Japjyoth tells Manveer that she should be happy that she is becoming a grandmother. Akaal says he knows Manveer doesn’t like Sahiba, he is happy though that Sahiba is making him a great grandfather. Jasleen notices Angad and syas it looks like Sahiba didn’t inform him about her pregnancy beforhand. Gurleen says even she hadn’t informed Jaspal about her pregnancy and he got angry for a week when he learnt it with whole family. Jaspal says he couldn’t enjoy the priceless moments because of his anger, so Angad shouldn’t lose his priceless moments. Seerat congratulates Angad and Sahiba. Jasleen taunts that Seerat became both massi and chachi/maternal and paternal aunt, this family’s kids will be confused. Veer says he will inform good news to Sahiba’s parents via Keerat. K

Kiara feels nauseous and runs to kitchen sink. Jasleen helps her and says she will tak her to doctor. Kiara nervously refuses. Garry says he will call the doctor home then. Kiara says no need for that. Prabjyoth walks in and says its such a good news today, she wants sweets. She notices Kiara’s condition and asks what happened to her. Kiara says she is fine and returns to living room. Akaal asks Kiara to congratulate Sahiba. Kiara thanks Sahiba. Jasleen thinks why she is saying thank you instead of congratulations. Manveer and Inder tongue lash Angad for accepting Sahiba even after what she did and refuse to accept that Kiara is carrying Angad’s child. Japjyoth shuts their mouth and say they should be happy that they are becoming grandparents instead of poisoning their son against his child’s mother.

Angad tells Sahiba that he wants to talk to her and takes her to room. He questions if she is really pregnant. Sahiba stands silent. Angad says many questions are hovering over his mind, he needs answers to them. Sahiba says she needs time to explain. Angad breaks things and walks away fuming. Seerat bumps on him and asks why he and Sahiba don’t look happy with the good news. Angad asks her not to question about it and tell if she has any issues. Seerat thinks she wants to tell him how Garry misbehaves with her. She notices Kiara walking towards Sahiba’s room and follows her. Kiara locks the door and asks Sahiba if she will inform everyone that she is not pregnant. Sahiba asks her to calm down and says she shouldn’t have come there or else everyone will doubt her for sure. She assures that she will not inform anyone about her. Kiara says she always opposed Sahiba, but Sahiba is the one who is helping her in distress. Sahiba asks about her boyfriend. Kiara says his name is Jatin and he would be happy hearing about the pregnancy news, he will surely ask Jasleen to get them married. Sahiba asks her to meet her boyfriend and reveal him about her pregnancy. Kiara leaves.

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Seerat walks in next and asks why had Kiara come there. Sahiba says she had come to meet Angad. Seerat questions what is happening and why she is hiding things from her, why she and Angad are not happy with the pregnancy, etc. Sahiba reminds that even Seerat hid about Garry before and asks if she is happy with Garry. Seerat tries to explain about Garry’s atrocities, but stops and walks away from there. Kiara calls Sahiba and informs that Jatin had called her and said his phone was not reachable earlier, she is going to meet him and reveal him about her pregnancy.

Precap: Sahiba over phone asks Kiara how can she think about abortion. Angad hears that and asks whom she was talking to, earlier she spoke about pregnancy and now abortion.