Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad’s Efforts To Protect Sahiba From His Family’s Toxicity


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Jasleen feels proud of Kiara when she shows her jewelry designing diploma certificate and shows it to Akaal. She informs family that they may not feel happy with her children’s achievement, Kiara has topped her jewelry designing diploma. Japjyoth congratulates Kiara. Angad says when he passed out of Oxford University, Akaal gifted him gold plated diamond studded pen which he will gift to Kiara. Kiara feels happy. Sahiba congratulates Kiara and says even she dreamt of joining some fine arts school, but couldn’t due to her family’s financial constraints. Kiara says just because she couldn’t fulfill her dream, she shouldn’t put an evil eye on her. Angad asks Kaira how can she misbehave with her bhabhi/DIL.

Akaal stops him and asks Sahiba why did she go near Angad when he warned her to stay away from him. Angad asks why did he give such an order. Japjyoth says Sahiba is responsible for Angad’s condition. Angad says whatever happened is due to his mistake and he should seek her forgiveness instead that her shop was burnt because of him. Seerat enters with Garry and says why is he apologizing when he also suffered because of Sahiba. Garry holds Seerat and says his wife is right. Akaal says that is what happens when elder’s orders are ignored. Inder says elder’s orders are not always right. Angad asks them to stop fighting now. Sahiba says it’s time for Angad to rest and tries to take Angad to his room.

Manveer stops Sahiba and says she doesn’t trust Sahiba and can’t risk Angad’s life via her again. Angad says Sahiba took care of him and saved his life, he doesn’t want to hear anything against her. Brars get a message that client rejected Sahiba’s Meri Bitiya jewelry concept at the end moment. Garry says they will incur huge losses now. Kaira taunts Sahiba that she is a pottery designer and can’t design jewelry, her mistake is costing Brars a lot. She asks why didn’t he ask her to design the jewelry instead. Angad says she was out of town then. Kiara continues to humiliate Sahiba. Angad warns her that he will not tolerate her nonsense again and is sparing her just because its her result day today. He says Sahiba convinced client and got that contract, it was solely her concept and she can’t be blamed if client backed off at the end moment. Jasleen takes Kiara from there.

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Sahiba takes Angad to his room and replaces his wound dressing. She says the money she paid him for her jewelry design, she paid it in house installment and will repay him slowly. Angad says there is no need for that as she is an artist whose job was to design the jewelry, his job was to get its approval, and she can’t be blamed for the end result. Her tear fall on his shoulder. She wipes it and apologizes. Angad holds her hand. Seerat walks in and stands jealous. Maid informs her that she got the soup she ordered. Sahiba and Angad get alert hearing that. Seerat walks in and apologizes for disturbing them. Angad say its okay. Seerat asks how is he. Angad says much better due to her sister’s care. Seerat offers him soup lying as she prepared it. Angad says he will have it later. She insists to have it right now. Sahiba notices her hand injury and asks what happened to her hand. Seerat lies that she burnt it while working in kitchen. Sahiba asks her why is she hiding her wound instead of letting it heal in open. Angad asks if its paining. Seerat feels emotional and runs away. Sahiba feeds soup to Angad. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

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