Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Sahiba And Angad Are Questioned


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Keerat gets Sahiba’s call while she is talking to Veer and merges their call. She asks Sahiba where is she and why didn’t she reach home yet. Sahiba says she is in college hostel. Keerat asks what happened between her and Angad jiju that she had to leave him and home; Angad was excited to propose her and even she was excited, then what happened suddenly. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to scratch her wounds more and needs some time to explain. Keerat says whether anyone is with her or not, her sister is with her always. Next morning, Akaal, Japjyoth, Inder, and Manveer walk to Angad’s room. Japjyoth says it looks like he didn’t sleep properly whole night, is he fine. Angad nods yes. Inder says it’s already 10 a.m., doesn’t he want to go to office. Angad shouts that he doesn’t want to discuss why Sahiba left home. Akaal says they didn’t ask that. Angad apologizes them. Seerat brings breakfast for Angad. Manveer asks him to have breakfast and says let us leave Angad alone for some time.

Japjyoth says she wants to know what happened between Angad and Sahiba that Sahiba left him. Akaal says he thought Angad and Sahiba are a perfect couple, then what happened suddenly. Angad says Sahiba left him as she thinks he hid the discussion between him and Seerat and his intentions are bad, hence she left him. Seerat gets tensed that she will be exposed if Angad reveals it. Inder asks why Sahiba doubts his intentions. Japjyoth asks Seerat what did she tell Angad that Sahiba got angry. Seerat nervously blabbers. Angad says what Seerat told is not important, Sahiba doesn’t trust him and didn’t stop even after apologizing her, he doesn’t want to plead in front of her further. Manveer says Angad is right, why shall he always compromise, he shouldn’t budge this time and let Sahiba go.

Seerat says Sahiba always determined to leave him, she didn’t stop even after Angad’s pleas, she didn’t want to marry Angad and doesn’t value him at all, she got a chance and left him now. Manveer says Seerat is right. Inder says Sahiba is a sensible girl and wouldn’t take such an extreme step just like that, Angad should visit her and ask the reason. Seerat says Sahiba is not at home and is staying in a college hostel. Akaal says Brar family DIL is staying in a small hostel room, something must have really happened which hurt Sahiba, they need to find out.

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Sahiba’s hostel mates bully her and order her to vacate her room as it’s her fun place. Sahiba refuses and says this room is allotted to her, so they can find some other room. One of them says she is Angad’s wife Sahiba. Rogue girl Riddhi taunts her that her in-laws must have kicked her out of the house. Sahiba says she should spend her energy in some better work than interfering in someone’s life. Riddhi continues to bully her and tries to forcefully enter the room with her gang. Warden walks in and asks what happening. Sahiba explains the situation. Riddhi says they just study in this room as it has good vibes. Warden warns her that she knows what she does, she will complain principal if she troubles Sahiba again. Ridhi and her gang walk away. Warden tells Sahiba that this room belongs to her.

Santosh with family walks to Sahiba angrily and says she came to slap her and send her back to Angad’s house. Ajeeth notices Sahiba sad and asks what happened. Seerat brings food for Angad and asks him to have food and go to work, says can’t see him in pain and wants to comfort him. Angad angrily throws food away and walks away saying he doesn’t need her help. Santosh and Ajith question Sahiba as why she left Angad. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to discuss about it and recalls the event. Santosh says if Seerat didn’t say anything. Sahiba thinks she is the reason behind it. Ajeeth asks her to return home . Sahiba refuses. Their discussion continues.

Precap: Angad gets a flower bouquet and thinks if Sahiba sent it. He meets and shouts at her for sending flowers after breaking up with him. Sahiba says she didn’t and finds a note from Mirza. A man grins psychopathically hiding.