Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sahiba asks Simran if she is alone. Simran says Simran is just with herself and asks who is with you. Sahiba says I am alone. Simran says same pinch. Sahiba asks why did you steal the samosa? Simran says I like samosa and I was not having money. Sahiba says it is wrong to steal anything, don’t do it. Simran asks what is her name? Sahiba tells her name. Simran asks her to ask her name. Sahiba asks what is your Simran? Simran says if you are a magician. Sahiba asks her full name. Simran says Simran sachdeva. Keerat calls Sahiba. Sahiba tells that she has found the tattoo artiste. Keerat asks her to send the address and says I will not leave that girl. Sahiba says artiste has refused to give details. Keerat says she will hit him. Sahiba says fighting is not the solution. Simran asks what is the problem? Sahiba says nothing. Simran understands she is in problem and asks her to close her eyes and see. Sahiba closes her eyes and gets flashes of the girl and the poster of the tattoo. She thinks she can find her even now, and finds her on social media. She says so this is then girl who used my identity and made fake video. She says nobody can stop me from exposing her. Simran asks if she also saw Samosa. Sahiba tells that she found the solution. Simran hugs her and tells that she missed her mother, who is no more. Warden comes and asks if she has troubled you. Sahiba says no, and gives her number to her. Simran goes.

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Sahiba calls Veer. She says if I message her then she will be alerted and might escape. Keerat says Veer shall call her and tell that he wants to sign her as the model for brar jewelers. Veer says the idea is good. Sahiba says if Sara tells Garry about it. Veer says I will ask my friend to message her. Sahiba says ok.

Sara gets the message and gets happy, replies that she wants to become the model. Veer gets her address and tells Sahiba, that she replied to his friend. Keerat asks him not to woo any girl like this. Sara opens the door. Veer comes there and tells that we got the face for our collection and you are out of this world. Sara asks him to come inside. He says we have to wait for boss, as she will give you signing amount. Sahiba comes there and says Boss came. Sara panics and says I don’t want to do modeling. Sahiba asks if you have done something wrong, as why you are worried. She says you have made the video stealing my identity. Sara says she will make a call and goes inside. Sahiba comes to her and asks if Garry asked her to do all this. Sara says I don’t know any Garry. Sahiba asks if I saw your twin sister in parking area.

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