Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Sikander brings his sister back to life


Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Sikander hits Veer. Eisha takes Armaan from there. Armaan says why did you come here Eisha says to take you. Veer hits Sikander with a bottle. Armaan says Eisha it can harm you. We can’t take this risk. Please go. Veer runs faster that Sikander and confuses him. Eisha says I won’t go anywhere without you. Please let’s go. He says I can’t be the reason of your death. I can’t come back. Eisha says I won’t go without you. Sikandder attacks Veer. Veer says okay you have powers. Alaya comes there. Sikander says you always come on wrong time. He leaves Veer and goes with Alaya. Armaan also leaves with Sikander. Veer says I got hit for no reason. Let’s go back.

Alaya asks Sikander why did you call me He says I did all sacrifices for the spell but it didn’t work out. She says bring Raima I can find what went wrong then. Armaan asks who’s Raima? Sikander says my sisterr. Sikkander recalls Raima said she can make decisions for her life. Sikander said you should give space to people who’re equals. We are Rajwanshi which Armaan can neverr be. Raima said we can’t be classist like humans. He said he’s Oberroi. He’s son of the man who kicked oout. she says his dad did, not Armaan. He’s always taken care of me. He has been a caring brother unlike you. If you hate him why do you hangout with him? Sikander says he’s my toy. Raima said he cosniders you a friend and you are palying him. HE said then I wouldn’t need you either. She said you and I are equal in power till you have that curse. He stabbed her and said I am smarter than you litle sister. Armaan saw Raima dead. He got very angry. Sikander came there. Sikander erased Armaan’s memory at that point.

Scene 2
Veer says to Armaan this isn’t our Armaan. He’s gone with Sikander. I know Armaan the ripper. it’s better that you forget him. Sikander opens Raima’s casket. Armaan sees her. Sikander takes out the dagger. Raima gets up. She says I need blood. I am hungry. Sikandder says I will get you blood but you’ve to talk to a maa yogini for me. She says what are you gonna do now? He says I will change the world. She says I will only do it if my brother Armaan wants the same. Sikander looks at Armaan. Armaan says I want what
sikander wants. Raima says something is worng. You don’t sound like his friend. I will never forget what you did to me Sikander. Where is my bracelet? I talk to maa yogini through that bracelet only. Armaan recalls it’s th same bracelet he saw in the picture and gave to Eisha. he says ask long as Eisha has it Raima won’t be abble to talk to maa yogini and Sikander won’t know what went wrong.

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Scene 3
Cherry tells Mehak and Eisha how happy she is to know that herr mmom accepted her the way she is. Mehak says I am very happy for you. Mehak says eisha how long will you remain said for Armaan? He’s gone forever. He brought many problems in your life. Eisha says I am fine. Cherry says we came here after so long. Let’s have a good time. Raima tries to find the bracelet. Alaya burns her hand and says it will burn the bracelet. Eisha says this bracelet is burning my hand. She screams. Alaya says I can see a girl. Face isn’t clear bbut she’s out with her friends. Sikander says find out who she is. Mehak asks who gave you this bracelet? Eisha says Armaan. Makes takes it off. SHe tries to see what’s wrong. Mehak sees the yogini tryng to trace it. She says Eisha someone is trying to trace you through it. Cherry says we should throw it. Eisha says Armaan might be trying to connet with me. Mehak says no. Some yogini is doing it. Cherry throws the bracelet. Alaya asks Armaan why is the bracelet girl taking your name? He says everyone kknows me. how would I know? She sees her face and says Kaviya? Is this Kaviya or her doppelganger. She’s the same girl who was sacrificed that day but she was saved hence Sikander’s spell didn’t comeplete. So you cheated him. Armaan stabs Alaya. He says I will never let you tell Sikander everything. SHe says sikander finds out everything. She dies. Armaan syas I can’t let him know the truth. Sikander comes there and says she was right. I get to know everything.

Episode ends