Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Vihaan gets badly injured by hunters


Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 26th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Vihaan says to Mahir how does Veer know about the cave? Mahir says exactly. Vihaan says someone told him. Mahir says there’s a snake, but who? He makes Vihaan drink. Veer reaches where the van is. Mahir says one of the hunter is with Veer. Will you help me Vihaan? He says yes. MAhir says I trust you the most. You will find who that traitor is is. Veer runs to Eisha. He sees her fainted. Veer asks are you okay? She says yes better than ever. I knew you would come to save me. She lights up the place. She says I did all this to surprise you. Mahir says Vihaan give everyone different infos and see what they tell Veer. Vihaan asks what will you do with him? He says what traitors deserve. Eisha and Veer sit by the bonfire. She says forget about the yoginis. I feel the safest and most secure with you. He says so all of his was to prove this? She says yes I paid so much and then makingg you understand things. He says I understood.

Mahir stops Vihaan. He says next time if you spy keep your things to yourself. Vihaan dropped his card outside. Mahir says I won’t give you another chance. Prithvi hits Vihaan. Mahir says do what a traitor deserves. The hunters take Vihaan and hit him. Veer says to Eisha I trained you very well. Eisha gets a call. She gets shocked.

Scene 2
Vihaan gets treated in the hospital. Eisha coems there. The doctors ask her to stay outside. They give Vihaan CPR. Eisha cries outside. Mehak also comes there. The doctor says this letter was in his pocket. It’s Mahir’s. He says Veer I told you to leave this city but you didn’t listen and risked Vihaan’s life as well. It was your last mistake and leaving him alive is my last warning. Go away from landsdale. Eisha says what is this Veer?

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Sikander gets the orjamani. The yogini says the next step would be difficult. We need an angira’s blood. Sikander calls Mahir. He says time to the end Veer’s story. Vihaan is done, focus on eisha. Kidnap her. Mahir agrees. Cherry traces hsi phone. She’s shocked. Eisha is worried for VIhaan. The doctor says it will take time. She ignores Veer. Veer says I am sorry. She says what were you thinking? What else would happen? You’re the reason for everything. She leaves to get his medicine. Cherry sees Mahir leaving. She says Mahir let’s go out. I have to get cosmetics. He says my guards will bring it. She says these men can’t get it. I want it. Prithvi gets his car. Cherry leaves. Taranum says she’s acting weird. Mahir gets a call and says I get it. His phone rings and another phone rings under Cherry’s bed. Mahir realizes she was tracing his phone. Cherry leaves. Cherry comes ot Veer’s place. The hunters force her out of the car. They take her back to Mahir.

Cherry says what is all this Mahir? He says what is this phone? She’s scared. Mahir says you were fooling me? She says I am sorry. Not for ths. She turns into a wolf and attacks him. She says I came here to know your reality. Cherry hits him. Mahir says stop this Cherry. Mahir turns into a Mahesh. The hunters are shocked. Prithvi commands them to kill both of them. Taranum tries to stop them. They stab Cherry and shoot her. Soemoen stabs him. It’s Veer. they all run away. Veer kills them and takes out the knife. He asks where is Mahir? Cherry says we’ve to get out of here.

Scene 3
Eisha is worried for vihaan. Cherry tells them they’re also after Mahir now. I was so worried. The doctor asks Eisha to come insdie. She doesn’t let Veer go in. Cherry tells Veer Mahir was doing all this on SIkander’s direction.

Episode ends