Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ana steals the diary

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Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 22nd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Armaan says who are you? What is this gun and who are you? I don’t want to hurt you but you need to tell me who you are. He says I have researched history. My wife was a parapsychologist. She spent her life researching the accidents that happened around Landsdale. Armaan says where is your wife? Sameer says a wolf killed him. Armaan asks where is Amar Sharma’s diary. he says it in the drawer. Armaan says nothing is there.

Vicky and Ana read the diary. She says you have to go on the date with Mehak. Go, please. She reads the diary, and I saw them again. They’re so pretty. Nandini said to Kaviya we have to go from here. Kaviya said I’ve something important to do here. After that, I will come. Amar came to meet Nandini. She goes with him. Kaviya said to Ana Aman Sharma loves your mom. Veer and Armaan’s dad asks them if they would help with the wolves. Veer says we would help. His dad said your brother doesn’t know his responsibility. Veer said baba Armaan doesn’t want to fight for the British cavalry. That’s his decision and we should respect it. He said if that was his thought or if someone trying to control his thoughts. Armaan said I am doing what I should. I can’t change myself. Their dad said I have no hopes for you. He said our city would have a blood bath. We have to fight with the wolves. I want you both to find them and help me kill them. Veer said okay. He asked Armaan. Armaan said you have made your opinion about me. I don’t want to be a part of it.

Scene 2
Veer tells Malini my dad loved me a lot but never accepted the girl I loved. But I kept loving her. She says I was dating Anand. He was such a wrong guy. Eisha comes home. Malini says see we are calling. Veer asks where is Armaan? Eisha says he’s coming. Armaan asks what do you know about me? he says I know about your brother. What do you think kill my brother? Armaan says, Veer? What? Sameer says I saw it myself. Armaan says you have to stay out of it. Sameer says why did Veer kill me, Sudha? Her body went missing as well. Armaan says Veer shouldn’t know you’re here. He will kill you. I can help if you want. Eisha says to Veer why are you here? He says I miss Armaan. We are a family now. Veer asks is Armaan right with this brotherhood? Can I trust him? Eisha says yes you can. Veer says tell me the truth. Eisha says it’s your problem. He says I am asking as a friend not trying to control your brain. Eisha says you can trust him.

Veer recalls Oberoi met Kaivya. They met at the golf. Veer said baba likes Kaviya. Veer said if baba finds out who she is he will kill her. Armaan says if baba is told she’s important for our protection. Veer says us? Armaan said don’t get angry after seeing her with me. She was with me before you. Veer said we love each other. She only loves me now. Accept it. Armaan said we don’t need to fight. Veer said baba shouldn’t ever know she’s a wolf. Promise me. Armaan said I promise. Veer says to Kaviya I used to trust Veer the most once. Not anymore. Eisha says to learn to trust people. He says I only want Kaviya. She says you don’t need to give other people pain to find your love. He says I am glad you understand. I can do anything to get Kaviya. Veer plays game with Vihaan. He says I play with strategy. Ana calls him. Vihaan hangs up. Veer says who is it? Hot girl? He says Ana, she’s a bit weird. Malini asks how is Veer? Eisha says he’s weird. Armaan comes home. Veer says hello brother.

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Scene 3
Vicky goes on date with Mehak. He asks about Eisha. She says Eisha is my sister. We are best friends. Veer wonders who took the diary. Armaan says I dnout know. Veer says don’t trust that Sameer. Armaan says someone actually took it. Veer says Eisha your brother also knows about it right? He goes to Vihaan and says I know you have an ancient diary. Who did you tell about that diary? Eisha says is there anyone else who wanted it? He says, Ana. She’s very weird. Veer says who is she? how long do you know her? He says I met her at a college cafe. She’s been after me since then. She’s weird honestly. Veer says let’s go have coffee in the cafe. Mehak calls Eisha. Mehak says he’s such a gentleman. I am thinking of introducing him to Nan. Eisha says you’re already so far ahead. Mehak says he’s very nice. Mehak says I will text you. Eisha says have fun. Armaan hugs Eisha. He says Veer and Vihaan have gone to the cafe. But Sameer gave me this photocopy. He made it before it was stolen.

Vihaan meets Ana at the cafe. Veer is on the other sofa. He recalls seeing her in Nandini’s house. Nandini told Kaviya Amar Sharma bought Sham Tulsi. Kaivya said to Veer Nandini loves Amar Sharma. Veer said why are you not scared? Nandini says to warn Kaviya. Kaviya says no one will recognize us. Nandini said if someone exposes us we will be in trouble. Ana told Nandini maa Sinha aunty is coming. Nandini said thank you. Veer recognizes her.

Eisha and Armaan read about Chandrika. Sinha daily wanted to keep the mantra with them. Vikram Oberoi kept the mantra to himself. Eisha says that’s your dad right? Armaan reads more. Vikram took the mantra from Amar Sharma. Veer recalls he went to his dad and apologized. He said I will fight with you with the wolves. Vikram said the pain you gave me will go with me when I die. Armaan said the wolves never die. We shouldn’t see all of them with the same eyes. Some of them could be nice and might not kill humans. They might kill animals. Vikram said do you know any such wolf? Vikram said you have sympathy for wolves? I am glad you’re ready to help them. I am proud of you. Let’s have a drink. Armaan says I know where the bottle is.

Scene 4
Ana comes home. Veer is there. She throttles him. He says you have gotten so powerful.

Episode ends