Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Gopika becomes guest in the house

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Scene 1
Nikhila comes to saksham. She says I wanted to apologize for ruining your life. You trusted me and listened to me and I couldn’t make the right decision. I chose a coal for you and thought it’s a diamond for you. Saksham says that’s not your fault if they lied. Nikhila says I did this sin, I wanted to choose a strong girl for you. Someone who shows you the way. Forgive me please. Saksham says don’t say this maa. It’s not your fault. Mr. Modi comes and says it is Nikhila’s fault. I told her she can’t find a girl with a shoe. I planned so much for my son and thought I would give him big project tomorrow. And now this drama because of you in the house. What will people say now? Saksham says I don’t care what people will think. I only care what my mom feels and how she’s respected. Mr. Modi says but have a name in the society. It can’t be ruined. If he were your son would you have been equally careless? You proved you’re not his mother.

Gopika comes and says papa ji don’t say that. We all know maa ji loves Saksham. She cares for him. A mother’s love can’t be questioned. Nikhila says enough. This is our family matter. a guest can’t speak in it. Nikhila says call the team tomorrow. Saksham will give the presentation and get the project. I will see who dares to say a word against my Saksham for a liar.

Scene 2
Chiragh says do you feel better? She says yes. Mummy called. You should sleep on couch. HE says really? Aashi says yes.

Scene 3
Hitain gives a rod to Tejal and says hit his car. Give him some damage too. She breaks his car. Hitain says let’s puncture the tire.

Scene 3
Gopika recalls Nikhila gave her the responsibility to do the arti. She lights up the candle. Nikhila comes there and says Aashi.. She says Aashi I told you you who will light the candle? DIL of the house, not a guest. Your MIL Minal gave you the right of a DIL. Then do it. Aashi lightsit. Nikhila says guests shouldn’t be doing it. 4th november is Diwali and on 5th you will leave my house. She leaves. Baa says what happened? Gopika says maa ji is really upset because of me. I don’t think she will ever be able to accept me.

Ba says the moon can’t worry about his scar. It has to give its light. Nikhila told me that. She’s upset and angry so she can’t see the light. But the day she sees things, she will say the same thing. Gopika says I don’t think maa will forgive me. Baa says keep trying. No one knows what will happen in future.

VJ says let’s do an outdoor shoot. VJ sees his car. His friend says who did it? He says I know Tejal did it. Let’s see what I do now.

Scene 4
Nikhila prepares for the presentation. Gopika asks is someone coming? She asks the servants they don’t tell her directly. Gopika asks Minal is something special? Everyone is preparing. Should I help? Minal says yes.. Nikhila says ask the guest to go to her room. Guests don’t help in this house. Minal says she was just asking. Nikhila says it’s written on this board. Read it. Gopika tries to read M R.. Tejal says it’s Mr. not M R. Minal says Tejal.. Nikhila says go to your room and rest. Baa says Nikhila doesn’t have an evil heart. She is just angry. Today an investor is coming from Japan. It’s big project for Saksham. If he wins he will become the CEO, the owner for this company. Gopika says Sakshma will do good.

Aashi says to Chiragh you should also present it too. you might impress them more than him. Chiragh says come on. THis is my age to play. Saksham handles everything well. Why should I work. Gopika prays for Saksham.

Episode ends.

Precap-Gopika says to Aashi I want to ask you why did you lie about that message? You read it for me. All misunderstanding started from that message.