Sumbul Touqeer Khan joins Imlie team to celebrate co-star Mayuri Deshmukh’s birthday

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Sumbul Touqeer Khan joins Imlie team to celebrate co-star Mayuri Deshmukh’s birthday

Actress Mayuri Deshmukh marked another year of life, and she chose to celebrate her birthday surrounded by her close friends. She took to her social media to provide a glimpse of her joyful celebration. However, it was the heartwarming bond and lively dance performance by her co-star Sumbul Touqeer Khan that stole the spotlight.

Mayuri delighted her followers by sharing moments from her birthday celebration on social media. Her co-star Ritu Chaudhary also joined in, posting several videos that offered fans a sneak peek into the festivities.

One particular video captured the joyous moment when Mayuri and Sumbul took the stage to dance together. Their performance received high praise and admiration from netizens, who were captivated by their camaraderie.

In another video, Mayuri was seen cutting her birthday cake while everyone around sang the birthday song. The subsequent clip showcased Ritu, Sumbul, and Mayuri enjoying each other’s company. Yet another video featured Mayuri and Sumbul grooving to the music together.

Currently, the popular TV show “Imlie” is enthralling fans with its second season, where Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra portray the lead characters and enjoy immense love and popularity from their audience. As the show continues to evolve, new stars are being introduced to captivate viewers.

Sumbul Touqeer Khan is currently making a lasting impression with her role as Kavya in the TV show “Kavya – Ek Jasbaa, Ek Junoon.” She is also cherished for her role in “Imlie.” Meanwhile, Mayuri Deshmukh portrayed the antagonist character, Malini Tripathi, in “Imlie.”

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