Suhagan Chudail 8th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Nishi and Deya both do the greh parvesh

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Scene 1
Moksh and Nishi come to the house. Nishi is angry. Raghu says I can’t let the girl be in the house. Josna says I will do what is important for Moksh’s life. Raghu says I wanted to have a good wedding for my only son. Rachan says who will you give your family nose ring to? He says it will be only given to Nishi. And Deya will be here as a servant. Nishi will do the greh parish. Josna says but Pandit Ji said Deya is Moksh’s wife. She will get all the rights. Deya says it’s okay. I will do what Raghu wants. This is my house. Raghu says Deya will come into the house after Nishi and Moksh enter together. Moksh and Nishi enter the house. Deya walks behind them. Josna says a white person coming to the house is a blessing.

Visiter starts the vidhi for Moksh’s sacrifice. The sword doesn’t come out. The temple starts getting destroyed. Visiter says Nishi is in danger. They enter the house. Birju says Deya is Moksh’s wife. This witch can’t enter the house. Nishi says Deya brainwashed him. she’s stooped so low. Moksh says I can’t take this anymore. Chachi takes Birju away. Josna does Moksh and Nishi’s grew Pravesh. Josna makes rangoli. Nishi is scared. Her feet get invetll ed. Josna says come in. Deya says let me pick her up Lehnga. I can help her. Nishi pretends to slip. Moksh says what did you do? Deya says I didn’t do anything. Moksh picks Nishi and says we will do the great parish together. They walk in. Nishi smirks at Deya. Rachna says come in. Deya walks in the house and her feet get stamped in the house.

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Josna takes Deya to her room. She slaps her. Deya asks what happened maa saa? Josna says enough. You can’t call me maa saa. I always considered you my daughter. You proceed me that I am not your mother. I am an outsider. Deya says what did I do? Josna says what else will you do? She says you ruined Moksh’s life. He doesn’t love you. why do you wanna marry him? You’re hurting me. Deya says I can’t explain to you why I did all that. I have no proof. I did this marriage to save him. Let me stay here as his protector. Please. She touches Josna’s feet. Josna gives her blessings. Nishi comes there clapping. She says Deya cries and fools everyone like this. She says is just pretending so you accept her as your DIL.  Josna says I know what I am doing. She gives Nishi blessings as well. Deya says maa saa please stop her. Rachna says why? Do you wanna share the room with Moksha? Josna says you can’t win his love. He loves Nishiganda. She says go and get ready Nishi. Rachna says Deya make sure the room is decorated.

Deya goes to Moksh’s room. Nishi says go and get my room ready. Moksh is in his room. He thinks about Deya. Nishi comes there. She comes close to him. She hugs him. Moksh falls under her magic. Deya lights candles in the room. Moksh something hit me. his blood falls into the water. She says we have to put cream on it. She takes his blood. Deya puts Temple Chunri in the room. She spreads ganga jal eveyhere.

Episode ends

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