Suhagan Chudail 10th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Deya kidnaps Moksh

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Scene 1
the ring stops working. Deya puts it in the temple. She hides the ring in the temple. deya buries it there. Deya says she won’t get the power of sindur. Rather she has to fight with my sindur. Nishi says today I will get sindur and become the most powerful witch. She starts dancing around Moksh. Someone comes into the room. Does he say, Nishi? I wanted to tell you something. I know you have a lot of expectations. I want to tell you all that’s there in my health. I love you that’s why I married you. I consider you my wife but I don’t know how to explain.. I still feel for Deya. I don’t know. She did so much. She’s hurt me so much and fooled me into marrying her still I think for her. Deya is in the room instead of Nishi. Moksh says I can’t stop thinking about her. Please forgive me. I don’t wanna hide anything. Deya says even under her magic you’re thinking about me.

Nishi comes towards the room. Vishter says tonight the flowers shouldn’t have blossomed. Nishi says it’s fine. Everything will be how I planned. Moksh comes towards Deya. She has a veil. He thinks it’s Nishi. Moksh says it’s okay. Take your time. He says I am sorry I ruined this night. Deya gives him milk. She says I will take you far away from her. Moksh drinks it. He feels dizzy. Moksh faints. Deya says sorry Moksh. I had to do this. She picks him up and takes him far away.

Scene 2
Chacha says Josna made that servant’s daughter she dreams of becoming the DIL of this house and then Moksh changed his mind. Now she forcefully became the DIL of this house. Chachi says she should have been kept in place from the start. Juhi says all bad things started happening since Nishi came to this house. Deya was always here, everything was good. She’s the best for Moksh.

Nishi sees a maid pressing clothes. She is wearing Raja’s broch in her hair. Nishi gets angry. She kills the maid. Deya takes Moksh out of the room. Nishi doesn’t see them. Deya hides with Moksh behind a pillar. Nishi comes to the room. Moksh isn’t there. Nishi says where did he go again? Moksh says Nishi? Where are you taking me? Are you mad at me like Deya? Chachi looks for Birju. Birju says I had to show everyone that chudail’s truth. Chachi says Birju come with me. She takes him inside.

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Vishter comes to Nishi and says Deya took Moksh outside. Nishi gets angry. She says what is wrong with this girl. Nishi tries to see in her ring where they are. Her ring doesn’t work. Vishter says it’s fake. Nishi gets angry. She says Deya stole my ring in the ritual. She will pay for messing with me. Vishter says you’ve already given Moksh’s blood so you can’t find another husband. If the moon sets, you will never get your 16th power. Everything will be over. She says I will kill Deya before Moksh.

Manish drinks, and looks outside. He sees Nishi flying. He shows it to Rachna. She says to stop drinking so much. He gets confused. Nishi finds Deya and Moksh. She says you couldn’t take him away from me. Nishi comes and tries to hit Deya but she can’t. Nishi falls. Nishi falls into a basement. The idol hits her. She gets stuck there. Her body burns. Nishi screams what is happening here. You can’t keep me here. Come in front of me. Deya says an ordinary girl. You took my locket, you took my dad. To defeat you I used science. I made my and Moksh’s hologram with a projector and you got fooled and fell here. Nishi says I won’t leave you. Deya says I told you I’d save Moksh from you. You won’t be able to give Moksh’s sacrifice. You won’t be able to get your 16th power. Your fight is with a wife. Nihsi screams.

Episode ends

Precap: Moksh says Deya I love you. He hugs her. Winds blow. Nishi says a witch always finds her target. 

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